Popularity of New Zealand as a travel spot after the recent earthquake incident

By on November 16, 2016

New Zealand is a popular travel destination among visitors all over the world. The major center piece of attraction of this Island nation is the scenic view of winter sun. But in the aftermath of recent earthquake, that had taken place in the southern island of this country, tourists are again reconsidering their upcoming tour of New Zealand. The magnitude of the recent earthquake is 7.5 Richter Scale and there is the sharp possibility of frequent occurrence of after-shock in the successive months as per the reports of Geo Net.

In such scenario it is quite natural for tourists to become sceptic about visiting this picturesque country. Those having relatives in this nation are also quite concerned about their well-being after this catastrophic incident. It is because after the occurrence of this massive earthquake, a warning of Tsunami had been issued that has further jeopardized the citizens. In this uncertain situation, many people are either planning to cancel their trip or seeking refunds from travel agents.

New Zealand as a travel spot

For ensuring safety of local residents, the local administrative authority is suggesting to avoid visiting beaches of those areas that are devastated by the recent earthquake. Countries like Britain have advised its nationals to follow the guidelines of New Zealand administration. Keeping into consideration, upcoming Tsunami threat, the government has already started to shift tourist from places like Wellington, Kaikoura and North Canterbury.

Many flight operators are expecting significant extent of travel disruption due to this earthquake. For the convenience of passengers, they are providing various travel concessions to pre-pone or postpone their journey depending on the situations. Tourists who want to proceed with their scheduled travel plans will be not be compensated by them in the event of journey disruption.

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