Single Visa is Enough for Indian and Chinese Visitors to Visit Britain and Ireland

By on June 17, 2014

A new scheme has been introduced to travel between Britain and Ireland by using a single Visa. India and China will be the first benefited countries of this new scheme.

Frances Fitzgerald, the Justice Minister has announced that the new scheme will take off from the two Asian countries namely India and China.

At present, the business visitors and the international tourists would need separate visas to travel to the Irish and to the UK. The new scheme will allow such people to travel to both the countries with either a British or an Irish visa.

Indian and Chinese

Ms Fitzgerald also said that the scheme could bring in more visitors to Ireland and to the UK. This scheme has been expected to increase and boost the business visitors and tourism in both the countries. She also made a point that tourism in these countries has increased up to 68 per cent between the year 2010 to 2013.

India and China will be the first countries to be benefited from this scheme, said Ms Fitzgerald.

This British-Irish visa scheme was initiated by the UK Home Office and by the Irish Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

Theresa May, British Home Secretary announced this scheme in an event that took place in London and stated that both the governments are very much proud about the offers that UK and Ireland are offering towards their Indian and Chinese visitors.

She also said that they are looking forward for a consistent growth of shared objective and prevention of abuse in the immigration system in the near future.

The scheme will work through the reciprocal visa arrangement, which both UK and Ireland would recognize the short-stay visas that are issued between them. This allows the free travel between both the countries for the duration that has been mentioned on the Visa.

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