Travelers, be Prepared for Slow and Unpredictable Bus Rides in New York

By on December 16, 2015

In a recent survey, buses being run by the MTA have been found to be particularly slow, with one of them (M66, which moves through crosstown) averaging slower than what most healthy athletes would consider as a brisk walking pace! Also, as many as 35 of the routes do not average beyond 25 kph. And these are all routes which serve a lot of passengers.

There are many passengers who are already finding the subway network to be bad. However, literally speaking, the ground realities are not different. This survey was carried out by Transportation Alternatives and the Straphangers Campaign, two transit groups.

An analysis of the group of slow buses reveals that although a majority of them drive through Manhattan, those living in the outerborough too have to endure very slow movement of buses.

M66 Bus Rides in New York

The survey covered traveling in both directions of the bus routes, during the period from June 19 to October 26. It is also worth noting that the survey would begin after the morning rush hour.

Coupled with slow routes, there were also many routes wherein it was difficult for travelers to draw up their plans in a predictable manner. Such buses would either come together in bunches or would have large time intervals between two consecutive services, often frustrating passengers more than what slow buses would.

Some people have made suggestions about remedial measures. For instance, taking a cue from the Select bus service, MetroCard machines could be set up on footpaths, and passengers could be allowed to board buses from any door.

Certain measures to speed up buses are already in place, such as dedicated lanes for buses as well as traffic signals which give a higher priority to buses. According to an MTA spokesman, buses are often held up in terms of speed by the traffic which they follow. Double-parked cars also become a problem for maneuvering buses through narrow streets.

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