Traveling by Air expected to Rise 3 Percent during the Holiday Season

By on December 11, 2015

For the majority of this year, airfares have seen a downward trend, mainly because of dipping fuel costs. The effect of the same is expected to be visible during the holiday season as well, with December 18, 27 and January 3 being particularly high-traffic days and the usual suspects of December24, 25, 31 and January 1 expected to be comparatively free-flowing.

As per the findings of Washington-based Airlines for America, an airline trade body, it is estimated that about 38 million travelers will take flights in the US this season, which is a rise of 3 percent compared to the same period during the previous year, not only because of the cheap fares but also because of a relatively improved economy.

Traveling by Air expected to Rise 3 Percent during the Holiday Season

In terms of raw numbers, this will see approximately 73,000 additional passengers each day between the 18th of December and 3rd of January, as compared to the figures of 2014.

Airlines for America added that till the end of September, this year airline fares have dropped by about 4.3 percent. For a majority of airlines, fuel is often the biggest expense. Compared to 2014, this year jet fuel sells in north America for approximately $1.40 per gallon, which is a fall of 33 percent in the price.

There has anyway been a surge in domestic air traffic and flight occupancy owing to the increasing demand. In this regard, the trade body stated that airlines are looking forward to roll out bigger aircraft to accommodate the spike in travelers during the holiday season.

The department of transportation of the U. S. government released a report on Thursday which stated that occupancy of flights (both domestic and international) was a staggering 83 percent for September 2015, which happens to be the highest compared to any previous September records.

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