Traveling with a Focus to Conserve for the Future

By on December 18, 2015

We all love traveling to different locations throughout the globe, but this is ultimately the only planet we can call as our home. We owe it to our future generations that they too should be able to visit and enjoy the places which we do. TreadRight Foundation is a non-profit organization working in order to promote awareness about traveling responsibly. Its founder and director Brett Tollman has a lot to say about the problems which threaten the sustainability of travel in the future.

For instance, Tollman believes that profiteering must go together with conservation efforts. Whoever travels needs to understand that they have a certain role to play in terms of taking steps to protect the environment. So does the government as well as the industry as a whole. TreadRight’s partners are of the likes of Alliance for Artisan Enterprise and the World Wildlife Fund.

Traveling with a Focus to Conserve for the Future

Tollman says that the population of the world keeps growing constantly but the same is not the case with the number of unique travel destinations which people flock to. He believes that every stakeholder in the industry ought to give back and protect the environment and the culture of these places.

Quite obviously, that is easier said than done, Tollman agrees. Partnering organizations do provide constant news about updated information and statistics but when it comes to taking action based on that data, it is not child’s play to validate that information and then any action taken is often on the basis of trust instead of solely being fact-based. This applies not only to preserving historic cultures and traditions of a certain destination and its people but also to conserving the natural flora and fauna of that place.

Tollman adds that many activities need to be undertaken at literally the grassroot level in order to make sure that the efforts actually do make a difference, whether be it having a well-known face to endorse the cause or to conduct aerial surveys of forests in order to detect poaching. However, there exist certain corrupt government officials who get lured by people with deep pockets and end up allowing acts that are hazardous to the environment. However, Tollman is upbeat about the results that his efforts are bringing.

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