United States Welcomes Their Tourists Without a Visa

By on June 7, 2014

The tour agents and the travelers are welcomed utmost to enjoy a travel that can be a visa-free one towards the United States. This will make many hassles-free trips to the United States in the near future.

The president of MATTA (Malaysian Association for Tour and Travel Agent) Hamzah Rahmat has said in an interview that it will be an honor, if the Malaysians were made to travel towards the United States without a visa. He also said that it can boost up the outbound market in the United States and such moves will increase in the upcoming years as there will be an increase in the tourists who would visit Malaysia from the United States.

United States Welcomes Their Tourists Without a Visa

A visa-free travel towards the United States will turn possible in 18 months of time by following the procedures that are provided by the Immigration Department. The Immigration Department would prepare to comply with the United States guidelines to provide a visa free travel to their country.

The Home Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, said in a recent interview that he has a confident on the department that has been made to fulfill the Visa Waiver Programmer with the United State. He also said that the requirements would be fulfilled in a short period of time than expected.

Emma Chua, a housewife has said that a visa-free travel to the United States will be a convenient one for her in the upcoming year as she can make use of it to take part at the graduation of her son in the New York City.

Ng Mei Mei, a 50 year old also lauded about this particular move that has been made by the Government as her visa was put off in the past year due to some issues.

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