Want to Travel in India by Rail but couldn’t get a Reserved Seat? Help is here

By on December 4, 2015

Traveling in India by rail can be an exciting experience. India has one of the longest rail networks in the world and is also the first country in Asia to have railways. But given the huge population and hence the demand, it is often next to impossible to get a reserved seat exactly as planned, especially for the economical classes of seating, such as sleeper class. It is worth keeping in mind that IRCTC’s website (Indian railways catering and Tourism Corporation) is one of the busiest e-commerce portals in India because of the dependence of people on trains as a mode of transport. One major problem is with the utilization of the capacity of sleeper coaches, since during the daytime the sleeper class coaches are often underutilized. This is not comprehensive, as in, it does not apply to all trains, and even in those trains, not on all sections of the route, but considering the gap in supply and demand, whatever little can be done must be done. This is not being done for AC coaches though, as the fare difference between AC and non-AC is huge.

Want to Travel in India by Rail

Hence, today in the Rajya Sabha (one of the two main houses of parliament in India), Manoj Sinha, the minister of state for railways stated that in non-AC sleeper class coaches, second class fares may be charged for unreserved passengers for traveling in those coaches during the daytime, on certain sections of a set of trains which have been identified. This was put in place earlier this year.

This information was given as a written reply when he was asked a question about the same. It is worth noting that this is separate from the existing provision wherein certain sleeper class coaches are earmarked for passengers traveling without a reserved seat. For them, the usual sleeper class fares are charged, which once again can be used only during the daytime, and for specific sections of the train’s route.

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