5 Things That Are Free in London

By on February 27, 2015

London can be expensive for a tourist, if you do not know the right places. The city may not instantly strike you with things that suit a budget traveller. However, there are many free things to do in London, helping you cut your budget in the city. When you book London hotels, make sure you choose the right area from where you can easily reach free sights, events, and entertainment zones. This will save both your money and time searching free entertainment in the city. Have a look at what is in store for free in London:

Most Famous Sights

London is home to plenty of free sights that cost nothing. Just walk around the city and see some of the adorable sights like the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. There are number of famous museums in London that do not charge admission too. Their wide range of exhibits means that you can spend hours and even days exploring them. The National Gallery and two Tate galleries are free as well.

Free Events

Travellers coming to London often get fascinated with the variety of events and festivals taking place every year. Some of the great events and festivals in London cost nothing. The annual Notting Hill Carnival welcomes tourists to number of street parties, parades, live music, and stalls selling yummy food and drinks. Chinese New Year celebrations in every January attract visitors with its parades and other festivities. You can also watch free University Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge from the banks of the River Thames.

Things That Are Free in London

Free Film Screenings

When in London, you have the chance to attend free art film screenings at many museums and art galleries. Collect free tickets for major movie screenings from the Sunday Times Culture section. There is limited availability, but at least the movie is completely free.

Enjoy the Free Nightlife

Some of the nightclubs in London do not charge entry before a certain time. So, plan to party a little earlier and avoid paying for the entry. These nightclubs have few promotional flyers or special reduced entry for travellers.

Free Comedy

Smile costs nothing, and that is true in most of the popular comedy clubs in London. Visit the Theatre Royal Stratford on every Monday and last Sunday of the month to be a part of free comedy. Wednesday evenings are more fun at the Comedy Café and Mirth Control at Lower Ground Bar.

As they say, ‘the best things in life are free’ and London is no different. So, next when you plan your trip in the city, try out the things that are free in London.

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