Things To Do In Amsterdam For Under $25

By on October 7, 2015

A place filled with world-class art museums, unique and rich heritage and plenty of sights to see and things to do at all times of the day, Amsterdam continues to prove to the world why it’s such a fantastic European destination for those looking to have some fun. Although Europe as a whole has never been noted for its cheap ways, it is more than possible to stick to a budget while there. If that sums up your travels and you are heading to wonderful Amsterdam, consider taking part in the following things to do that will cost you less than $25.


Although the average price of accommodation options in Amsterdam is just under $150, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fantastic deals throughout the city. So, ditch the upscale and fancy hotels and consider either staying in a shared dorm style hostel or even CouchSurf your way through Amsterdam! Hostels start as low as $11 per night and even offer female-only dorms for those women travelers who feel more comfortable in that type of environment.

Things To Do In Amsterdam


It is definitely possible to make your way around Amsterdam using several means of transportation that won’t break the bank. Consider renting a bicycle at a nearby bike shop for as little as $8 per day! Another option would be to get the OV-chip card to load each day up to $20 so you can make use and take advantage of the public transport of both metro and buses.


Amsterdam has a wide range of various delicious and tasty food options scattered throughout the city in cafes, markets and restaurants. In the mood for a yummy slice of pizza paired with some prosecco? Head to De Pizzabakkers for just that and only spend about $15 for both! Find cheap sushi starting at around $3 at YumiSushi and even cheaper is the option to grab a quick vending machine style meal from the many FEBO de Lekkerste.


The city is filled to the brim with fun and exciting activities to take part in that also won’t drain your Euro supply. If you want to learn about the unique history of Amsterdam, head to either the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank Museum to enjoy a cheap way of gaining interesting knowledge of past residents of the city.

Another option would be to simply wander about the several flea markets in town such as the famous Albert Cuypmarkt where you can snake your way through the many stalls offering unique treasures.

If you are looking to spend most of your time outside, make your way to the beautiful parks, canals and the famous flower markets scattered throughout the city.

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