Things to Do in New York City

By on May 25, 2016

All of you might be well aware of the hottest tourist attractions forming an integral part of the New York City. These are Times Square, Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art popularly known as MoMA and the Museum of Modern Art. You can allot a day or two to visit these bustling hot spots of New York City if you are holidaying the place for the first time in your life.

There are other tourist locations as well in NY which not many of you are aware of. You can have an out of the box holidaying experience by giving a visit to these places as well.

A look at some exciting things to do in the New York City.

Central Park

Central Park

Central park is home to 843 acres of verdant views, vibrant flora and hidden mysteries. If you are a jogging freak, you can hit the spot any time after 6 am. You can rent a bike for two hours and go solo on a mere $20. Else you can opt for a defined trek tour organized by the Central Park trail authorities. The route covers hilly terrains, you can stop to see model sailboats around the Conservatory Water Area, view Alice in Wonderland Sculpture, Belvedere Castle and Vista rock. These are some of the most scenic spots surrounding the central park. You can take exciting photographs of lush greenery the place has got to offer.

West Village Stroll

West Village Stroll

This neighbourhood is a quintessentially a calm and serene area. The tree lined cobblestone streets remain virtually unchanged since the 19th Century. You will be left wondering how the West 4th Street exactly interacts at the West 10th Street. You can take a good stroll around the streets. The other highlights include Jefferson Market Courthouse and beautiful shops lined across Bleecker Street and Commerce St. Not to forget the tempting Magnolia bakery, which offers freshly baked and crispy varieties of cupcakes and pastries.

Watch movies at the Film Forum

NY is a film lover’s town. And Film Forum is the Mecca for cine buffs. You can watch exclusive premieres which you otherwise just simply get to read on New York Times. You have documentaries, special graphics effect with provocative indie features and world class art cinema culling up at the Forum hall. Not to miss out on the spongy lemon cake sold at the stands.

Pizza hunt-outs

New Yorkers always contend on the best pizzas as to whether these are freshly baked from Di Fara’s or John’s or from Lombardi’s, the three primary pizza joints across NYC. A 247 pizza hut called Grimaldi’s offer you coal fired pizzeria under the Brooklyn Bridge.

You not only get delectable and crispy pies which you can much to your heart’s content but also get excellent vantage points to have a most spectacular view of Manhattan. You get the view point of the bustling city from a picturesque and memorable spots of Brooklyn.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

ESB is one of the Seven Wonders of the World during yester years. Not sure whether it occupies the same slot in the latest list of 7 Wonders.

But it still offers you a spectacular view from the 82nd floor observation deck. You have a long queue in which hordes of other visitors throng the area. If you want to whisk past the queue, you can get yourself an express pass costing you $45 per adult while the usual ticket price is $22.

For a vantage point at the 102nd floor observation deck of ESB, you need to shell out dollar 15 extra. It will be $60 per person then!

Exciting things to do in New York City is much more than what is mentioned as a part of this write-up!

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