Things To Do in Venice

By on September 26, 2016

Venice being the capital city of northern Italy has many places that every tour enthusiast must visit once in their lifetime. While visiting different places in Venice, one can explore them by following the below-mentioned activities that are quite popular in the region.

Witnessing the sights in a square

Tourists are allowed to stand in the middle of San Marco and witness the city altogether in a square. The famous emperor named Napoleon named this spot as the ‘painting room of Europe’. The place is mostly crowded with European people as anyone can never get bored of the magnificent view. The Doge’s Palace, Torre dell”Orologio and St Mark’s Basilica are some of the famous tourist spots that one can witness within the square in this place.

Get around Gondola

Every tourist who is on a European trip must visit this place as it has the best picturesque waterway that can never be witnessed in any other part of the world. The boat ride will encourage the tourists to explore more.

Things To Do in Venice

Tour around the Venetian art masters

Other than many picturesque locations, Venice is known for having a unique and highly precious repository of art forms in the world. Many different artists who are of the highest caliber left all their art works that were about Venice for the people. Titian, Tintoretto, Canaletto and Tiepolo are some of the famous artists who have made various art works about this beautiful city. Titian’s most glorious art work named as ‘Assumption’ can be witnessed above the normal altar at the I Frari in Venice.

Drink like the local people

Adding to the Italian breakfast, the local people would have some special drinks like spritz and ombra that can add some more flavor to their food. Having a glass of wine along with some light snacks is how the local people treat their guests. One must visit the wine cellars that are located in plenty within the city limit. These wine cellars manufacture the best wines and other alcoholic beverages that the local people buy regularly to drink along with their breakfast, lunch, dinner or even while having some snacks.

Venice bird’s eye view

Located at a height of about 325 feet, the Campanile has been boasting the best bird’s eye view of Venice. This tallest point was built way back in 1888 and it has been standing tall, providing the best view of the city for all its tourists. Many photographers from all over the world visit this building and walk up to the roof to capture the bird’s eye view of Venice through their cameras.

Taste some real Venetian cuisine

There are many Venetian cuisines that one must taste while taking a tour of this magnificent city. The Oca is a famous dish in Onto that is prepared using the fat portions of a goose. The freshwater lagoon fish tastes best and it is available round the clock in Antica Adelaide.

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