Things to do with your travel mementos

By on November 4, 2015

Holiday mementos are a fantastic way to keep your holiday memories alive, and there are many ways you can use them. Depending on the type of holiday you have been on, you may come home with shells from the beach, a piece of rock, postcards, photos, trinkets, and ornaments. Whatever you have brought back with you, there are some great ways to use and display them so that your holiday memories stay alive. There are some really simple yet effective ways of turning your travel knick-knacks into some inspiring and unique displays around the home, or even as a gift for someone who shared your holiday.

Below are some great ideas for displaying your travel items:

  • A memory jar – you can add shells, travel stubs, and any memory from your holiday in a pretty glass jar. You can display it on the mantelpiece or on a bookshelf, where it can be updated and rearranged in the future.
  • A bottle of sand – if you had a beach holiday with stunning white sands, you may have brought some home as a lasting memory. This can be displayed in a clear bottle of any size and shape that you prefer.
  • Frame it – frames can be used not only for photographs but also for things such as menus, foreign currency, maps, brochures, and more, creating a unique display of holiday memories.
  • Make a memory box– a memory box is a great way to store your holiday mementos, and you can personalize your box for each place you visit. Buy a plain box,and then stencil the place you visited and paint them different colors. You can add all your favorite mementos of the trip and display them on your bookshelves.
  • A travel book– you can also create a type of scrapbook where you can put your holiday photographs, menus from your favorite restaurants, tickets, trinkets, and more.

Things to do with your travel mementos

Photography ideas

Travel photographs can be used in a variety of ways and can create some stunning displays and gift ideas. Below are some ideas using your holiday photographs:

  • Share themon the internet – let other people use them on This way, you can also earn some money and save up for your next holiday!
  • Make paperweights/magnets– there are a variety of ways you can turn your photographs into paperweights or magnets and use them at home or as unique gifts.
  • Make coasters– you can turn your favorite travel photos into coasters that you can use around the home. Have great memories of your holiday every single day!
  • Use a coffee table– if you can purchase a coffee table with a glass top, you can display your favorite holiday photos underneath this, and it is easy to change and update them whenever you like.

There are lots of easy and unique ways you can make use of your holiday mementos, using them to display around the home, giving them as gifts as a shared holiday memory, or even to make money by sharing them online with others.

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