Things To Do in Jeju Island

By on March 3, 2015

The Jeju Island is a wonderful place and there are a lot of thing to do which can keep you engaged. There mainly three tourist spots in this part of the world. They are the Jeju City, the Jungmun Resort and the Seogwipo. There is a huge amusement park which offers a great deal of activities along with a host of oddball activities. Some of the things that are very fun to do in Jeju are discussed as follows:

The quirky museums of Jeju

There are both serious museums and some cheesy ones. Some these museums are very entertaining. Some of the best museums in Jeju are Sex and Health Museum, Trick Art Museum, Psyche aka Butterfly Museum and the World Eros Museum. It is great place for the honeymooners and the museums also have a good sense of humor. Another great museum here is the Teddy Bear museum and the Haeneyo Museum could be a fun stop as well.

Things To Do in Jeju Island

The theme parks of Jeju

You can have fun in the straight forward and mild mannered casinos and golf courses but there are some thrilling and off beat theme parks as well. Some of the best theme parks in the area are Gimyeong Maze Park, the Loveland, the Mini Mini Land, the Stone Park and many more. These theme parks are suitable for people of all ages and there is something for everybody.

Jeju Island

The natural wonders

This Korean destination is one of the very few areas in this part of the world which naturally beautiful and not because of cosmetic remodeling. If you step out of the main tourist areas, the place will be completely different with down to earth residential areas that are rural and quite natural. Therefore, apart from the fun and games, Jeju can also offer you a serene atmosphere with a beautiful natural environment.

The Olle side

Olle Trails are the walking tracks that have been set up and if you follow the trail, you will find yourself walking along the most beautiful mountainous pathways through the neighborhood backyards to the vast beachfront shores.

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