8 Essential Travel Items

By on May 29, 2015

Who doesn’t love travelling? It is seemingly human nature to wish to go somewhere else and discover new places, people and experiences. It is a great thing that travelling these days becomes a lot more accessible, to a lot more people. Affordable airfares and many other modes of transportation that travelling from one place to another is not for the rich alone. To fully enjoy your travel, bringing along things that could keep you at home and comfortable is a must. So here is a list of things that are essential when you embark on your next destination.

1. Comfortable pair of shoes

pair of shoes

Sneakers are a must when you travel especially when you have a lot of wandering in mind. Walking the city streets isn’t so hard on your feet when you have a comfortable pair of sneakers on. Bringing high heels is optional depending on the activities you want to impart in. Flip-flops are must-haves when you are planning to hit the beach.

2. Toiletries


Travelling would be uncomfortable when you don’t have a toothbrush or soap to keep your hygiene. Bringing along travel size toiletries will save you a lot of frustration and time. Even when your hotel provides them, it is better that you bring yours so you are sure of the quality.

3. A good book

book reading

Even if you do not have any plans of spending your vacation reading a book, bringing one will save you from boredom when your flight is delayed or you get stuck somewhere.

4. Sun glasses

Sun glasses

Protect your eyes from the rays of the scorching sun by covering them with your favorite sun glasses. You can also bring cap or bandanna depending on which one you prefer to protect yourself from the heat of the sun.

5. Cosmetics


You don’t have to bring your entire make-up set but bringing your lip gloss, powder and blush will keep you looking fresh and fab. You can keep little to no make-up while travelling.

6. Tote bag

Tote bag

A tote bag is perfect when you visit specialty stores in places you visit when you plan to buy souvenir and gift items or to simply carry your essentials when you are out and about.

7. First aid kit

First aid kit

Do not forget to include a first aid kit with medicines, alcohol, Band-Aid strips and cotton balls. Having it with you will also make you feel complacent.

8. Camera


Never miss the chance to capture moments of your travel. Snap photos of places you get to see, food you ate and people you met. This is also a way you can document your escapade.

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