3 Ways Not to Go Broke in Vegas

By on October 17, 2015

Las Vegas is known around the world as “a playground for adults.” From gourmet meals to top-shelf vodka bars, this city offers just about every chance an adult could want to break away from the monotony of everyday life. Unfortunately, there’s also something about all of this excess that makes frugality (and sensibility) go out the window. If you give in to the lure of Sin City, you can find yourself penniless and depressed long before your trip is over. Still, if you can maintain some sense of reasonableness, there are ways you can enjoy the experiences of Las Vegas without blowing your budget.

1) Choose your dining venues wisely

These days, you can’t throw a rock on the Vegas Strip without hitting a celebrity-owned restaurant. Michael Mina, Emeril, Bobby Flay, and Alain Ducasse all own high-profile restaurants housed within the city’s mega-casinos. With high profile, or course, comes high prices. Celebrities aren’t the only ones to get in on the top-dollar action, though – venues like the Eiffel Tour Restaurant and Sage offer sophisticated ambiance and creative culinary offerings at exorbitant prices.

A trip to Vegas isn’t complete without at least one meal at a top-notch restaurant. Still, you should choose your splurge wisely and stick to more reasonably priced fare during the rest of your trip. Although the days of $1.99 steak and eggs are long gone, there are plenty of casual restaurants nestled among the casinos where you can enjoy a good meal on the cheap.

Ways Not to Go Broke in Vegas

2) Get coupon books before you go

There are numerous websites that offer Las Vegas attraction coupon books for a nominal fee. The coupons in these books can save you money on meals, monorail fare, shows, exhibits, and just about anything else you might want to see or do while in Vegas. Buying a coupon book before you go allows you to plan your trip to get the most for your money.

There are also businesses that sell discount show and attraction ticket vouchers along the Strip. If you’re not set on a particular attraction or show, these places can provide a great way to save money. Keep in mind, though, that they usually only sell vouchers for events that take place the same day.

3) Set a gambling budget

Everyone who goes to Vegas to gamble secretly hopes that he will hit a jackpot on the slots or dominate the blackjack tables and make a fortune. The reality, of course, is quite different. Companies don’t invest in multi-billion dollar casinos to lose money to patrons. Although there’s a slim chance you might win big, there’s a much greater chance you’ll lose if you play long enough.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to set a gaming budget before you set foot in Las Vegas. The budget represents the amount you are willing to lose in the casinos during your stay. If you win, so much the better; however, if you lose your gambling budget, you stop playing. To do otherwise would be to risk leaving Vegas with nothing but an empty wallet and a sour disposition.

Although visiting Las Vegas can be expensive, these tips will help you stretch your budget and experience more of the spectacle and action that Vegas has to offer.

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