5 Things Related To Future Travel

By on September 2, 2015

What do you think about future travel? Well, it’s very hard to imagine about what would happen in the future. Maybe people have had different fantasies about this. One of hot topics are being discussed is a journey into outer space and the price will be cheaper. Is that true?

Here is prediction about what will happen in the next travel industry:

  1. Technology has progressed rapidly. In fact, some people have different assumptions about holiday. They prefer to stay inside their house and browse the internet while looking at virtual tourism. Some cinemas offer this facility, even you can enjoy it by using 3D TV and enjoy a family trip that looks real and like to be there.
  2. There are many tour packages offered at affordable prices. Each person would want to get a great deal vacation. Now, there are many travel agents offering trips to areas that you haven’t seen before, but also affordable.

Things Related To Future Travel

Several countries in Asia became target for tourist destination such as Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand. Countries in South America, Africa even Middle East become destination for tourists.

  1. Have you ever imagined get a vacation to a closed country such as North Korea? Well, maybe in the future, you can vacation in the closed countries. They also have uniqueness and nature charm that we rarely see, all just matter of time!
  2. Go to the ruins or ancient buildings? Wow! That’s a real adventure you should do if you want a different experience. Pyramids, Machu Picchu and other several ruins buildings scattered around the world. This is future travel that starts to become reality. Maybe someday, we can see Titanic ruins from the up close.
  3. Space travel? That is one of human desire that going to be realized. Currently, scientists try to create a commercial plane that allows it to carry passengers to see everything is in space. Let’s hope the price isn’t too expensive.

That’s five things that will happen in the future travel and let’s wait for the next few years. Be patient!

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