7 Reasons why you should take a Tablet Instead of a Laptop on Your Trip

By on August 9, 2016

Tech gadgets are essential travel items for most of us. We love the way they help us connect with people back home and keep us entertained on those long flights and train trips. But what device should you bring? In the past, you probably wouldn’t dream of leaving home without your laptop, but as tablets have become more powerful, there are some compelling reasons to pack this gadget instead.

Tablets Are Much Lighter Than Laptops

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Travelers must carefully consider the weight restrictions airlines impose. Choosing a tablet rather than a laptop is an ideal way to lighten your load. You shouldn’t just consider the weight laptops will add to your luggage, but also how the device will work for you during your vacation. Laptops often weigh five times as much as tablets, and you’ll feel every pound if you’re taking one out on a day trip. Since tablets are lighter, they’re also a lot easier to use while you’re on a plane or tour bus.

Tablets Double as Cameras

While you’re considering shedding weight, it’s worth considering the way tablets can work double duty as cameras. Many tablet manufacturers pride themselves on their quality cameras, which often have features like True Tone flash and optical image stabilization to improve your photos. You can also use the camera on your tablet to video chat with your loved ones back home, which is something you could never do with a traditional DSLR.

Tablets Can Be Surprisingly Powerful

Laptop lovers have always argued that their preferred devices are much more powerful than tablets. However, many modern tablets come with plenty of power. Consider taking the Apple iPad Mini 4 over a laptop, for instance. It’s a mighty tablet with the same A8 processor seen in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apps load faster and game play is much smoother and more seamless than in the previous generation tablet.

Tablets Suit Leisure Activities

Tablets’ touch screens prove ideal for leisure activities like flicking through the pages of a digital magazine or playing an addictive game. It’s not coincidental that these are the sorts of things you’ll want to do while you’re away. Performing these tasks on a laptop with a mouse touchpad is much trickier.

Modern Tablets Have Built-In Internet

When you travel with a laptop, you need to rely on finding internet access. Many hotels and cafes offer Wi-Fi, but what happens when you want to check your email from the beach or use Google Maps while you’re driving in your rental car? This is no problem on modern 4G-capable tablets. They are often purchased with an internet plan, which you can use in any U.S. city. So whether you vacation in Houston or Honolulu, you can get online with your tablet. If you’re traveling overseas, simply purchase a local, data-only SIM to access internet there.

Tablet Batteries Last Much Longer

When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to feel tied to a power point. This is another area where tablets excel. Even though laptop batteries are steadily improving, tablets are still far superior. It’s not unusual for tablet batteries to last 10 hours, even while you’re surfing the web, watching videos, or listening to digital music. Try the same thing on a laptop, and you’ll probably kill your battery in a couple of hours. Your tablet will also let you conserve your battery by using flight mode, a luxury you don’t have when working with a laptop.

Tablets are More Affordable

If you’re in the market for a new device, price will be a major consideration for you. Tablets are more affordable than laptops, with the cheapest costing well under $100. Top-of-the-line tablets will also cost significantly less than high-end laptops, so whether you’re after a basic model or something more advanced, you’ll find a tablet offers better value. When you save money on your device, you can afford to spend a little more on souvenirs or meals while you’re away.

With limited space in your suitcase, there are many great reasons why you should leave the laptop being and take a tablet on your next vacation instead.

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