A Great experience in booking my trip to Ha Long Bay Islands through Halong Hub

By on September 22, 2016

I have always been fantasising about having a cruise vacation is always a luxurious proposition. It was a trip to the Ha Long Bay and I came across a number luxury cruise service providers. I went ahead to book my 1st cruise through Halong Hub is offering a number of cruises to pay a visit to these lovely islands that has a lot to offer.

Before visiting the islands I did a quick search and came to know that it is in the northeast corner of Vietnam. The island is also referred to as limestone islands that are topped by the rainforests all over. Among the activities included at this island are the Halong Cruise Tours and Sea Kayak expeditions.

As I understand, Halong Hub is driven by the idea of offering a user-friendly, creative and streamlined website that connects to the best tours to the Ha Long Bay. The company is locally registered and has its own valid international tour operator license to offer such services.

Ha Long Bay Islands

Things which appealed to me about their services while booking the popular option of Pelican Cruise Halong include:

  1. Single stop platform: The website appears to be based a simple approach of offering almost every option from the homepage itself. I just needed to fill out 4 drop downs i.e. their time of stay, the dates I was travelling, the number of guests travelling and the budgets we had. The website upon receiving the information will instantly come up with the possible options.
  2. Detailed tour information: When I went through each Cruise options I was pretty happy to note that all come with detailed information about the inclusions, itinerary, cruise details and everything which that is required to be known in a single place. Additionally, the 1st hand user reviews gave an idea of the experience one can expect from the different tours.
  3. Selective Options: The Website states to only offer the best options and not all the options that are available at to the islands. This is what I myself witnessed as the requirements I specified only listed a few cruises that matched my requirements.
  4. Customer support & Knowledge Base: I also went through the knowledge base and had a direct contact through the chat. They facilitated the booking process pretty easily. Additionally, in order to offer details related to booking or about a visit to the islands, the knowledge base did include all. I also liked the option of selecting the range of facilities I was looking for. For instance, I was looking to book only a 4-star cruise with specific facilities like air conditioning, kayaking, balcony, etc., I was provided with specific check boxes and browse only the cruises that offer the same.

Overall, the website for me served as a single window to book a premium cruise to visit the Halong Bay. The booking process was pretty simple and I was glad to know that it has been secured using the SSL certificates that offer the security to the customers for making payments online.

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