Discover The Hidden Charm of Venezuela

By on September 28, 2016


Venunzuela by WiLPrZ

This land of beauty pageant winners will mesmerise you with its attractive sights. Just like its beautiful inhabitants, this South American province is alluring. Breath-taking coastal beaches and overwhelming sight of the Andean peaks will sweep you off your feet. And what better place to see the anacondas and the piranhas!

Do take care to add these locations to your Venezuela trip planner when you plan a trip to South America.

Leave your Foot Prints in the Soft Sand of Medanos de CoroMedanos de Coro Desert, Venezuela

Medanos de Coro Desert, Venezuela by SarahTz

Medanos de Coro National Park gives you the opportunity to walk along the deep sands of the desert located in the state of Falcon. Bereaved of vegetation and animals, this place allows you to walk away from the everyday world of expectations. The golden sand compliments the calmness that this place offers. A wonderful place to retreat from your busy schedule and discover the inner you.

Choroni Beach, a Must VisitChoroni Beach, Venezuela

Choroni Beach, Venezuela by Juan Tello

A definite include in your Venezuela travel planner should be Choroni Beach or Playa Grande. Other than the beautiful beach itself, the old colonial houses are a major tourist attraction. And if you are a bird watcher, the cloud forest of the Henri Pittier National Park is the place to be. It boasts of sheltering 500 species of birds and 200 species of colourful butterflies. A treat to your eyes.

Swim with the piranhas at Los Roques Los Roques , Venunzuela

Los Roques  , Venunzuela by Fabrizio Morroia

The largest marine park in the Caribbean Sea is located on this island that offers you a rich aquatic life and a large variety of birds. The island’s immaculate coral reef attracts people from all over the world. A perfect visit in the month of July and August, this place is a hub of many activities such as fishing, birding, snorkelling, diving, paddling, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. A place for the perfect family vacation. Sighted by the European navigators in 1589, this island makes you fall in love with its beautiful white beaches. Your Venezuela itinerary planner is definitely incomplete without this one.

A View from the Merida Cable Car

Cable Car, Venunzuela

Cable Car, Venunzuela by Beatrice Murch

The world’s longest and highest cable car is waiting for you at the Venezuelan City of Merida. A 12.5 km ride on the Merida cable car is simply incredible. It takes you at the height of 4765 metres! A marvellous tour over the city of Merida. It stops along the way for visitors to get off and do some trekking and sightseeing. Its newly renovated look and modernisation make it more comfortable than ever before.

Engulf in the splendour of the Angel Waterfall

Angel Waterfall, Venunzuela

Angel Waterfall, Venunzuela by Ian Sane

Dropping off gracefully from the sides of Auyantepui Mountains, this uninterrupted waterfall is the favourite among the tourists. If you are an adventurous soul, then you would not hesitate to fly from Puerto Ordaz to Canaima Camp. From here, you take a river trip to the Angel Falls. This beauty is hidden in the deep forest of the Canaima National Park and waiting to be explored by you. Angel Falls has been featured in Hollywood movies like Dinosaur, Arachnophobia, and Point Break. Now it’s your turn to dive in its grandeur and beauty.

Explore Venezuela for the world to see it from your eyes. The country will add new stories to your travelogue that will be different from just hanging out and chilling around. The top five destinations in this South American country will sweep you off your feet and give you a whole new experience; beaches, wildlife, marine life, birding, trekking, river ride to a waterfall, adventure water sports, walk in a dessert and more – all wrapped up in one single trip to Venezuela.

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