Family Travel – Where To Go & Packing Guide

By on December 1, 2014

Where To Go:

There are so many destinations that cater to both adults and children. We want the family to have a good time but we also want to make sure that we have a good time. The memories of this trip have to last throughout the year. For the family that is looking forward to warm beaches and lots of water sports, Atlantis in the Bahamas is a good choice. There is something for everyone to do. They offer beaches, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins and sea lions. There have a teen club, pre-teen club and even one for toddler’s ages three and up. They offer gambling, entertainment, numerous restaurants and even in-room babysitting services. If soaking up the sun on a beach is not your choice for a vacation, try a dude ranch. Look for one that offers special programs for the children. Many offer camping sites and skeet shooting as well. Ski lodges are great if the family likes winter sports. Most offer hot tubs, sleigh rides, sledding, good restaurants and special programs for the children. Places such as Disney or Six Flags are always fun. Orlando, Florida caters to both young and old alike. Besides the theme parks, there are water parks, Sea world, and Universal. There are dozens of places to eat and shop.

Eat in a medieval castle or solve a crime at a murder mystery dinner. Another great vacation is taking a cruise. Cruises are known to be family friendly. There are adult pools and clubs that you can enjoy knowing that the rest of the family is being supervised by a wonderful staff. There is babysitting services provided during the day as well as during the evening. One can always find other children or teens onboard. Many of the cruise lines offer connecting cabins. Most of the restaurants are kid friendly and snacks are always available throughout the ship. Most of the tours cater to families making your cruise a trip to remember. Big cities always have things that are fun to do. Explore a children’s museum together. Go see a new play. Spend time shopping together after taking a tour of the city. Remember that there is no set plan . Take each day and find something new to enjoy.

Family Travel


Deciding what to pack may be even harder than deciding where to go. Most teenage girls seem to pack everything in their closets. Set up limits on how much can be pack. Suggest clothes that can be easily washed. Try to pack pants or shorts that can be worn with two different shirts. Remember a sweater or sweatshirt. Bring clothes that can be layered. Many rooms in European hotels and cruise ships are much smaller than the rooms in a modern American hotel and there will be no place to put an extensive wardrobe. Disposal diapers are available in most countries but they will be much more expensive than in the United States. American baby formula is much more difficult to purchase outside the United States. Always be careful when feeding a young child new and different food. If possible, pack up the baby food that you know agrees with the baby. If you are flying, fill your carry-on luggage with extra food and formula.

There is always a chance of a delay and baby food is almost impossible to find in an airport. Take extra diapers on the planes as well. Always pack extra clothes for the children in your carry-on. Accidents happen, drinks get spilled and luggage gets lost. A change of clothes will make these small problems disappear. Pack the clothes in ziplock bags. Not only will it keep the clean clothes clean, it’s a great place to put the dirty clothes. Remember to pack favorite snacks in your luggage. Anything that might be forgotten at home can usually be replaced. Don’t forget the favorite stuffed animal . Let the kids help with packing their own luggage. Always include a first aid kit. Cold medicine, tylenol, bandages, cough syrup and anti- diarrhea are important. Remember sunblock and something for insect bites. It is easier to use medicines that you are familiar with. The measurements on medicine in a foreign country are often in the metric system.

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