First aid items you should take on holiday

By on October 13, 2015

A first aid kit is a necessity when travelling. As much as you won’t want to think about it, there is always a chance that you or somebody around you will get injured and will be in need of some medical attention. Even small cuts can cause major issues if they are not treated and protected properly.

Preparations and safety precautions are key to safe and happy travelling — better safe, than sorry! So make sure that you include these objects in your backpack the next time you go abroad, many of which are available to buy at Premier Healthcare & Hygiene Ltd for a one-stop-shop solution:

Antiseptic wipes or spray

Whether it is for wiping surfaces or cleaning the surrounding area of a wound, having some antiseptic wipes can help you avoid bacterial infections. If you are looking for high-quality antiseptic wipes, we recommend you choose Azowipes. However, antiseptic sprays will be useful if you are looking to also clean the wounds yourself.

First aid items you should take on holiday

Plasters of various sizes

Small cuts can quickly lead to infections, so be sure to stock up on waterproof plasters ahead of travelling — it’s best to have a selection of sizes made from various materials in order to be ready for any situation.

Wound dressings and tape

Although the majority of cuts can be covered up with a plaster, some will need further attention. For bigger injuries which are prone to bleed more, for example, use wound dressings. Have both sterile and antiseptic ones on hand for different types of injuries and be sure to use tape to secure them in place.

Crepe bandages to support a sprain

It’s surprising how much a little sprain can quickly ruin a holiday. Therefore, get some high-quality crepe bandagesto support such injuries, as well as safety pins to secure the bandages in place.


Tweezers will help you to take care of splinters and other minor but potentially problematic injuries. Keep some antiseptic wipes alongside your tweezers as well, to avoid contamination.


Whether going on an adventure to a desert or just heading to the beach for a relaxing holiday, there is always the risk that something can easily get in your eye. Have some eyewash with you to sort out such problems with ease.

Foil blanket

A foil blanket will keep anybody who requires medical attention warm and safe while they await treatment. It is a great idea to keep a couple of these in your first aid kit; you’ll be especially thankful that you did if an injury occurs during miserable weather.

A selection of medicine

Your medical requirements shouldn’t be overlooked when you begin travelling either. If you are prone to allergies or have any pre-existing medical conditions, ensure that you always have spare medication in your first aid kit. If you are travelling with somebody, be sure to ask them about their medical conditions too.

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