Great travel apps you shouldn’t go on a trip without

By on December 8, 2015

The mobile phone has transformed travel in so many ways. There are so few things that you can’t do on your phone that it’s not surprising that so many of us now consider it as our number one device – the one thing we can’t leave home without. So next time you’re getting ready for a trip, check that your phone’s trip-ready, too, with all the apps that might help to make your journey and entire trip run a little more smoothly.

The app that helps you pack

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CAPTION: An app can make sure you pack everything you need

Hate packing? Make life less stressful before you go on a trip by using PackPoint – a packing wizard that provides a travel checklist relevant to the trip a user is going on. Just create a trip profile, including destination, length of stay and reason for travel. The app then comes up with a customised packing list to take all those difficult wardrobe decisions out of your hands.

Have your own personal travel assistant

Everyone can benefit from having someone organise their lives for them, but we can’t all afford a PA. WorldMate does the job for you on your mobile phone. Forward info including flights, hotels, car rental details to WorldMate and it will sync them all into an itinerary for your trip. The app includes things such as flight status alerts, navigation and shareable itinerary details. There’s also a weather forecast and tip calculator and currency converter in the same app.

Keep up with your team

Today, anyone who bets regularly will already have a betting mobile app set up on their phone, so that they can place bets quickly and easily and make the most of in-play betting. If that sounds like you, you’ve probably already downloaded a betting app. As well as for placing bets on fixtures and matches, they can be great for keeping up with international football betting news and developments while you’re away.

Sharing the costs out

Sharing the costs outCC by

CAPTION: Trip Splitter can take the headache out of splitting costs when on the move

When you’re travelling in a group and all sharing the costs, it can be difficult to keep track of who owes what to whom. So use an app to do all the working out for you. Trip Splitter is an expense tracker that can be customised for the group you’re travelling with, giving each person a user profile. You can easily set up even or uneven splits, and input and categorise expenses as you go. Trip Splitter will even geotag expenses on a map for you.

Find last-minute accommodation

Of course, there are lots of different accommodation-finding apps you can download, but one that offers users the chance to find all kinds of accommodation in one search is Airbnb. Choose from staying as a house guest with a private room in someone’s home, or take over their whole pad for a night or two. As well as standard guest bedrooms, there are some really quirky places to stay listed on Airbnb, and as it covers accommodation in over 30,000 cities and 200 countries, you should never be short of a room when you need one with this app.

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