Greek Islands Holiday Travel Guide

By on September 16, 2016

The islands in Greece are the main characteristics of Greece’s morphology and have become an integral part with the country’s tradition and culture. The Greek sovereign land has more than 6000 islands that are scattered all over the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Nearly 227 islands are inhabited and the other islands remain a mystery even in this century. The following is a Greek island travel guide that one needs to know before visiting the inhabited islands in person.


santorini island

Sanotorini has many whitewashed houses facing the bright blue sea and blue sky. The black sanded beach in Santorini makes the island stand unique when compared to the other islands in Greece. The island has been made up of many volcanic rocks resulting in an unusual color in the dunes. This picture perfect place has the best sea view that one must witness at least once in their lifetime.


mykonos island

Mykonos has the best party place of all the Greek islands. Every island hopper would visit Mykonos during the holiday time to have some fun at the nightclubs and bars on the island. The bars do serve classy cocktails to all their visitors. This island also has many different greek luxury villas with best accommodation facilities every beach lover would want to stay with.


Corfu island

The Corfu island has two different faces and one must experience both of them. The flashy bars and nightclubs are for party people who would wish to have some fun along the beach. The other side of the island has a completely different picturesque and it can be witnessed by visiting the Corfu village that is said to be nestled along the foot of the famous Mount Pantokrator. This village is surrounded by many peaceful vineyards and other beautiful Venetian ruins that can attract the human eyes upon the first glance on them.


Milos Island

This volcanic island has now become one among the most luxurious island in Greece. The rocky hills and turquoise water are the tourist attractions in this island. The island is relatively quiet, making the tourists enjoy the landscapes without any kind of disturbance.



The Sifnos island has sandy beaches that have been home for the Chrysopigi Monastery for many generations. This island is known for manufacturing many different potteries and the local people do conduct pottery workshops for the tourists. There are many luxury hotel sifnos around the island that provides the best accommodation facilities to all their customers.


Kos island

Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates and many tourists visit the island to witness the sandy spots along the beach that can found in one straight line. The south west coast part of the island has the best spots that many tourists visit to enjoy the calm and settled beach ambiance.


Crete island

Crete is the largest of all the Greek islands and is the home for the legendary Knossos. The hillside villages can be visited to taste some traditional Greek cuisines. The food in this island is mostly steam, grilled or fried, making it a delicacy for every tourists taste buds. The party town Malia has various nightclubs and bars that every tourist would want to experience once in their lifetime.

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