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By on August 13, 2015

As a tourist in her Majesty’s kingdom finding the road less traveled can be rather difficult in a town such as London city where every cobblestone road and brick building is a monument of world history. Where every hidden gem can be so easily exploited in today’s instantaneous transfer of knowledge between cell towers and satellites. One might posit that there is no single unknown parcel this city can offer with its awe inspiring churches, castles, royal parks, commons, green squares and spaces; not to mention the many hotels and hostels in London (over 1000), 7000 pubs and bars, countless landmarks and football pitches. But even in the midst of a tourist’s titan such as London, one can still happen upon the less visited, yet immaculate places that only the locals and die-hard dare to venture.


There are of course two categories of off beat attraction in London; sites one can see and things one can experience, and while they might seem like one-in-the-same, the two can produce very different results. But first and foremost one must understand the lay of the land. Greater London is comprised of 33 boroughs which are separated into “inner” and “outer” boroughs. Perhaps the grandest sight to see then is London itself from the outskirts of the city while foraging through the national parks and other Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) such as Surrey Hills, Kent Downs, Chilterns, High Weald, or South Downs – even to the furthest outreaches of ancient woodlands such as Epping Forest. The key is to immerse oneself in the beautiful landscapes and traverse the many parishes and towns that share a London postal code but hold a unique sense of independence.


When it comes to experience one need not travel far but perhaps travel deeper into the famed English culture of theatre. But where many tourists seek the larger well known Globes, Palladiums, Garricks, and Vics, one could find a much different and quaint pleasure in the countless events held by the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama at the University of London. If the theater proves to be inspiring the contemporary visual arts that are displayed at London’s Mall Galleries would surely entice the mind’s eye to see a different side of “The Big Smoke”. And to round one’s unquenchable synesthete for all things tactile new-hipster foodie hideouts like The Mockingbird, The Russet, and the Mezcal Cantina can offer a true taste of home to the one-time or often visitor.

Royal Central School

Finally if leisure is not a forte and excitement is the aim non-tourist locales like Love the Dogs at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium can provide all the gambling and gluttony anyone can desire or brandish the ancient art of bartering for the ingredients to the night’s meal at Walthamstow or Goldborne Road Market. Top-off an insatiable appetite for all things non-tourist with an afternoon of the aquatic life and rent a barge from Drifters or Camden Canals and float down Regent’s Canal. Regardless of the appetite, off-beat travel in London will not leave any wanting.

Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium

About the author – Karthik is the wizard behind the travel blog Romancing The Planet whose main motive is to inspire people travel around the world solo. He lived in London for 6 months and understands the city & outskirts like no one else. He is also the founder of coupons website called Coupofy.

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