Information on South Texas Deer Hunting

By on September 11, 2015

Deer hunting is a popular activity in South Texas. This is because there are many bucks that have antlers in this region. Though most of the land is privately owned, there is a portion that belongs to the public. If you want to hunt on private land you need to get a lease. Alternatively, you can go for a guided hunt. In South Texas deer hunting is a boost to the tourism industry.

The mule and the whitetail deer are the most hunted animals in this region. The whitetail type is very popular in the state. It is found in large numbers and it has big sets of antlers. The mule is not as big in size and it also has smaller antlers. In this state the season for regular guns runs from November to January. The history of deer hunting dates back to the 1600s. The Spanish people arrived in this region at around this time.

When the Spaniards came here they found plenty of wildlife. There were many bucks and no predator. The population of the deer declined sharply after 1860. This is because of overhunting and overgrazing. To ensure that they did not become extinct conservation measures were introduced in this region. By 1960s their population had grown and they could now be hunted in large numbers.

South Texas Deer Hunting

A large number of people who want to hunt go for guided tours. This option is expensive but it has several advantages. There are many private ranches that have guided tours. Some outfitters also lease private land and then guide people who are interested in hunt operations. The professional guides know where the bucks are easier to find. It will be easier to make a kill with their help because they will get you in great positions.

The size of the animal that you kill may determine the price that you have to pay in some ranches. Guides usually take care of everything apart from licensing. In most places whitetail and mule deer hunts are separate. However, you can combine turkey hunts in your activities. Normally the hunts last between one and five days. If you want accommodation and meals it can be arranged for.

Accommodation and food can be organized for if you want to spend some days in the wild. Going for hunts in the lands that are public is cheap. You do not have to pay for anything apart from your license. There are several forests in Texas that have developed and primitive grounds where visitors can camp. Trails for hiking and horse riding are also available.

Restrictions on places to hunt are also in place. Some areas are remote and it is advisable to take precautions. Some parks have areas where you can hunt. There are locations that are famous for hunts. They are frequented by many visitors and have many bucks. You can use the internet to find popular spots.

You can also use the internet to contact outfitters who will give you a guided hunt. Booking in advance is advisable so that you get guides. In South Texas deer hunting is very popular. Depending on your budget you can either choose to visit the private ranches or the public land.

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