Looking for an Apartment for Your Stay in Singapore?

By on July 13, 2016

Long-term stays are a great way to get the flavor of the place you’re visiting, and to experience the feeling of being a local. Given the cosmopolitan appeal of the country, people from any nationality or country can enjoy the true essence of the mixed culture of Singapore.  There are a lot of awesome neighborhoods that give you the authenticexperience of India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chinese etc. and let you become a part of the city in ways that you’ll remember forever. You might want to consider skipping the hotels and renting a place of your own in any of the districts – you might even decide that Singapore is your home!

  • Sentosa Island: If surf and sand is your thing, Sentosa is the place. You Singapore notes that it’s also a major tourist hub with loads of attractions like ziplines, water parks, plus luxury shopping and dining. Finding an apartment, condo, or private villa for rent here depends on keeping up with the latest property news in Singapore, since many of the units are attached to resort properties like Capella. It’s a very exclusive area, and you might want to check out quieter Sentosa Cove if you plan to stay longer just to have some peace and quiet, but stay close to the action that kids will love.
  • Central City: If you’re young, single, and love nightlife and shopping, then you should consider the heart of Singapore for your stay. From the ethnic enclaves of Chinatown and Little India, to the shopping Mecca of Orchard road, and the historic Civic District, there’s something for everyone – from the hipster to the fashionista, the embassy worker to the financial world mover and shaker. This is real Asiaand real Singapore. Immerse yourself in the culture and combine old and new as you get to know the city.
  • Suburbs: When you factor kids into the equation, especially if your stay will encompass the school year, you might want to consider the suburbs as a more family and education-friendly alternative to being in the thick of things in the city. Home to multinational expatriate communities, Singapore boasts excellent educational opportunities for kids of all ages and nationalities. While there are many schools offering curriculum from their countries, The Conversation notes that Singapore’s public school system is among the best in the world. Serangoon is a suburb near the Australian International School and the LycéeFrançaise, while Thomson offers a restful alternative to the 24-7 bustle. You get more bang for your rental buck the farther out you go, but don’t worry – the public transportation system (the MRT) is clean and air-conditioned, bus routes are clearly labeled and informative, and taxi queues are ubiquitous.

Apartment for Your Stay in Singapore

One of the first things you’ll need to do is to understand the conversion rate between your currency (USD, AUD, GBP, EUR INR and so on) and the Singapore dollar. Since currencies fluctuate, download currency conversion application of your phone for a quick glance. Compared to some of the major cities of the world, you get a lot more from your currency in Singapore– one of the reasons that so many expatriates have made Singapore their home. You’ll also need to find a site that shows you what’s available. Sites like PropertyGuruSingapore have multiple listings, issued by HDB for rent and for sale, and can put you in touch with agents.

How Not to Rent an Apartment

The same holds in Singapore as everywhere else – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ideally, you should book a hotel, then meet agents and look at apartments. Don’t wire money in advance. One of your best bets is to visit expat forums and travel sites, asking people who have been through the experience how they did it, and what they would do differently. You’ll find a lot of good advice on the nuts and bolts of living in a new city, including neighborhoods to avoid, what restaurants are best, how to find a good pediatrician, and other vital information. Take your time to compare units, rents, and neighborhoods, and you’ll find an enjoyable experience that will make you hate to leave.

Last Words

Finally, remember that you are a guest in a foreign country, and the laws of that country apply to you even if you are a citizen of your country of origin. Gambling is illegal, as is the use of marijuana or other contraband drugs, and there are very harsh penalties if you are suspected of using or trafficking. You will need to familiarize yourself and your family with the laws and follow them to the letter. You can visit visa-free for 30 days from most countries, but must get the appropriate visa if you plan to stay longer. Above all, be as polite a guest as you would in someone else’s home, or that you would expect a guest to behave in yours.

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