Mediterranean Fun in Malta, Where History Meets Nature!

By on April 17, 2016

Are you worried about not being able to visit your favorite travel destination at the right time? Are you busy during the summer months and are worried that your favorite holiday spot will be covered with snow during the winter holidays? Worry no more! Welcome to Malta, an extremely popular holiday destination where you can enjoy the pristine waters of the Mediterranean sea and also explore amazing yet unknown places about the history of civilization!

Malta can be visited throughout the year and is hence a very popular tourist destination. The month of August is the busiest. The weather is never too cold and is usually pleasant throughout the year. Since it is in the northern hemisphere, the best sunny days occur during July to September.

Being situated in the sea, Malta gives you many options to choose from for having fun with the waters. You can stay at St. Julian’s where there are many bars, cafes and boutiques lining up the sea shore. You can even see Iuzzus in action, which are the fishing boats of Malta. Those who love adventure can even do water skiing because there are speed boats too!

Mediterranean Fun at Malta

Back on land, most of the architecture of Malta is made up of limestone whose shade looks strikingly similar to honey. It presents a beautiful sight that must be seen to be believed, especially when you combine it with the blue sea. The pavements and walkways are laid out very well in order to give you an authentic medieval experience. There are plenty of cathedrals, castles and narrow streets in Malta, especially in the city of Mdina, which is known as the ‘Silent city’.

There are plenty of options for nightlife too. When you move a little west of St. Julian’s, you come to Paceville. In Paceville, you will get the opportunity to interact with a lot of natives of Malta. If you want something that is slightly more upmarket, you can head over to the capital city of Valletta, or you can even have a really good time at the Dragonara point casino. If you intend to spend the night by the sea, you can take a stroll by the seaside at Qawra, which is situated in northeastern Malta. Even though there isn’t any beach here, visitors are so attracted to it that they take a dip near the waters which crash against the rocks!

If you want to go shopping, the town of Sliema has some really good options for you. You can buy excellent cutlery and crockery here. Even woolen items and Maltese lace can be found. The town is still growing. However, it has many sports activities to keep you busy during the day, and when you get tired by the time it is night, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes which have a relaxed atmosphere where you can have good food.

Since Malta can be visited anytime during the year, you can even have last minute holidays. The renowned travel agent conducts many holiday tours to Malta all round the year, so you can have last minute holidays to Malta with and take advantage of their 35+ years of experience!

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