Party Animal, Thoughtful Observer or Both? Know your Travel Style!

By on May 2, 2017

With the summer holiday season around the corner, this is the time of year when people are thinking (and talking) about the all the numerous possibilities for summertime escapes. With the choices available to one nowadays, the most challenging aspect of travel can be deciding where to go. As with much of life, knowing one’s self is the key to having a good time. With that in mind, we’ve put together five on the most common traveller profiles so you can know your travel style!

1. The Adventurer

You’re the type of person whose walls are covered in maps and you probably own more than one pair of good hiking shoes. To you, nothing spells relaxation more than getting lost in some far away mountains or sleeping rough on a tropical beach. In planning your next adventure you’ll want to have a look at some of those precious few remaining wild spaces before you throw that first-aid kit into your rucksack next to the mozzie spray and climbing ropes.

2. The Culture Vulture

If it’s language, art, architecture and religion that gets you most excited — if broadening your intellectual horizons are the main reason you travel, you’re probably the classic Culture Vulture, hovering round places before swooping in to suck up all that culture. Head down to your local library (or a digital equivalent) to find a couple of books and see what tickles your fancy. Heading to a place that has been dominating your mind’s eye can be hugely rewarding!

summer holiday season

3. The ‘Escapologist’

It’s not really a holiday unless you’re out partying — meeting people in bars, casinos, festivals — right?!  If this sounds like you, you’re definitely a go-getter, what this 888poker personality quiz would call “the maniac”: you enjoy the game and the socialising behind it so much that your moves are unpredictable – and that’s what you like when you travel too. Places like Bangkok and Las Vegas might be your best bet, but don’t forget to check the party calendars for large annual events like Oktoberfest in Bavaria (as well as most of Germany and Austria) or Carneval in Brazil’s Rio or Italy’s Venice!

4. The History Buff

How better to understand a country and its cultures than by exploring the depths of its history, you might find yourself asking others. Perhaps you’re a bit quieter than most of your peers, a classic INTP on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. No inhabited part of the world is without its history, so your only issue will be deciding what interests you most. India, China and the Mediterranean will offer you millennia’s worth of castles, citadels and walled cities to explore great backdrops for those selfies with your Indiana Jones’ fedora. Nothing means travel more than walking in the footsteps of our ancestors!

5. The Gourmand

Food might be the thing that keeps us all going, but it’s so much more than just sustenance! It’s your reason for waking up, it dominates your thoughts, and you plan hypothetical meals when you’re commuting to work. For you, with an open mind and open mouth the world is your oyster (or whatever food you crave)! France and Italy are the obvious choices but just because you haven’t seen a bevy of Romanian restaurants opening up, doesn’t mean the food isn’t amazing. Whenever you go, eat the street food and ask the waiters what they keep in their fridges at home. The mantra ‘Like globally, act locally’ is perhaps more apt for you than anyone else!

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