Philippines Vacation Guide

By on March 7, 2015

Thinking about taking a Philippines vacation?

Let me help you get prepared by suggesting things you should bring with you, what you need and how to get to the Philippines.  Planning a vacation takes a lot of research, however you have found the right site for all the information you need on planning a perfect vacation to the Philippines.

When to travel

The Philippines is located North of the equator and South of the Tropic of Cancer.  The island is located in a prime spot along the western edge of the Pacific Ocean where temperatures are warm and comfortable.  The island is also located along the Ring of Fire.  With this prime location, the best time of year to travel is from January to May with May being the hottest month.  I would not recommend traveling during Holy Week as this is a very busy time of year.

Philippines Vacation Guide

What to pack

Got your bags out ready to pack?  Here’s what you should bring on your Philippines vacation.  Since the weather is warm (77 degrees to 85 degrees) , bring light clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, sun dresses, swimming suits and anything comfortable.  It does rain a lot here, so pack an umbrella.  If you are prone to sunburns, bring lot’s of sunscreen and tanning lotion.

How to get there

Hope you are not afraid of flying, since the Philippines is an island, the easiest way to arrive is by air.  Philippines airlines or other airlines will take you to Manila where then you can travel by land or boat or small plane to your final destination.  Make sure when you book your flight, you shop around and get the best deal.

How to get to other islands

Once you land in Manila, if you are vacationing on a different island you will need transportation.  If you are traveling to Cebu you can catch a flight there.  Other islands you can reach by Philippine cruise or ferries.  However you travel, I hope you enjoy your vacation.

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