Plan Your Travel with Ease through Some of the Most Innovative Apps Around

By on July 5, 2016

Planning a trip has become less stressful and easier when compared with traditional methods. With the advent of smart phones and various innovative apps you can easily sit anywhere and plan a whole journey. These apps can be used in diverse ways and they help in bringing a beautiful change in the way you travel. Five applications that make your excursions smoother are:


hopper app

Hopper is one of the most useful apps when you’re planning to book air tickets. It makes predictive analysis and comes up with the best airfares that can help you plan a cheaper journey. While making its analysis the app will tell you how much you’re losing or saving when you book a ticket. There are color coded calendars used by the app where the expensive days are painted in red and cheaper days are colored in green.


Dufl app

This app comes up with a unique idea of helping you to travel light. You just need to mention the amount of luggage you have and they help you get a shipping company that store your suitcase for $10 per month. The luggage will be shipped according to the time suitable for you.



If you’re searching for the best restaurants and local attractions for a specific region then try out sidekix. This is known to be the traveler’s app as it gives you about the best eateries and stops that come in your way. At a particular destination it gives you all the information about places of interest in the region.


HotelTonight app

Booking good hotels can be quite expensive and today most of the travelers book them before leaving their home. Using HotelTonight you can get interesting discounts on some of the best hotels. The hotel deals provided by this app make it one of the best when it comes to having a nice stay during your vacation.



This is an innovative car sharing app. If you’re away and your car is not in use, then you can take help of this app to rent it out. They also give a free wash to your car and you can gain extra cash whenever it is rented by a traveler from the airport. You just need to list your car with this app and you can start operating through the app.

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