Share your Travel Plans using Inbox by Gmail

By on December 15, 2015

Some people like to travel solo, some people like to travel strictly with near and dear ones, whereas some others like to announce to the world their new destination. Travel plans are not easy to share accurately because they contain lots of data about times, dates, places, costs, etc. which are prone to human error and often result in poor synchronization if not coordinated properly with others.

The popular Inbox mobile app by Gmail now reduces that headache for travelers. The holiday season is coming and just like how Google simplified searching for information, it now aims to simplify the task of sharing your travel plans and pictures. It has announced a few non-trivial modifications to its Inbox app.

Inbox mobile app by Gmail

So far, Inbox was offering ‘Trip Bundles’, a feature that allowed you to group together messages that were related to your travel plans, such as flight, hotel and car bookings. Soon, you can expect to share the consolidated information with your near and dear ones in a single click, which simplifies the task of notifying others about your plans.

There might be certain emails that may be related to your trip but may not exactly be considered as travel-related, such as those dealing with international roaming subscriptions by your cellular service provider or even a list of ATMs in your destination city that will accept your plastic money without any hassles. This problem too has been taken care of, since the ‘Move to’ option will let you add such messages to the particular trip in question. This has been a highly demanded feature.

You will be able to access these trip-related messages offline as well, which will be helpful in areas having poor network connectivity.

As for photographs, people just love to flaunt where they have been to. Accordingly, users can now expect to have faster access to their recent pictures and also to be able to simultaneously attach a set of pictures to their mails.

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