Stress free parking at Melbourne airport

By on July 17, 2015

Many people find that one of the most stressful parts of travelling is actually parking at Melbourne Airport. Sometimes you have to drive around and around, just to find a parking spot. On top of that is the additional cost of Melbourne Airport parking, which becomes more expensive the longer you leave your car at the airport.

That’s why many people give up and take public transport or a taxi, even ask friends or relatives to help them out by dropping them off at the terminal. Now, however, there is a much better option for you at the airport and that is undercover self parking.

Undercover self parking at Melbourne Airport

This makes parking at Melbourne Airport a breeze. All you need to do is to pre-book your car parking spot online and then on the day of travel, you simply drive right into your designated parking space. How good is that?

There is no more driving around trying to locate a parking spot and then finding that you need to do a 15 point turn to get your car into the small space left by other drivers. You simply pre-book and drive right into your very own parking spot.

self parking at Melbourne Airport

What’s even better is that you can hop onto the shuttle bus and be at the terminal in just 5 minutes. If you are travelling alone this is a good deal, but if you are travelling with young children this is a huge benefit to the start of your holiday.

Valet parking options

You can even opt for valet parking, which isn’t much more expensive than the undercover self parking option, but with valet parking you can leave your car at the gate and someone else will park it for you. Even better, you can book your car in for a car wash and detailing as well, so when you return to your car, it is all clean and looks absolutely fabulous.

Melbourne Airport has long needed a better parking option and now you have a really user-friendly and reasonably priced option available to you, whenever you travel. So you don’t have to worry about finding a park at the airport anymore, you can just drive right up, park your car (or have valet parking) and you are done.

No more having to struggle with your suitcases on public transport, pay for expensive taxis or beg friends or relatives to help you out, because you now have easy and trouble-free parking at Melbourne Airport.

So next time you need to fly from Melbourne Airport, check out the undercover self parking option online and you won’t have to worry about parking anymore.

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