The Best French Alps Resorts for Absolute Beginners to Lose Their Fear

By on October 17, 2016

Newcomers to skiing can feel that the sport is somewhat daunting at first, but this definitely doesn’t have to be the case.  If you are thinking of heading to the French Alps for your first ski break then there are some wonderful resorts in this part of Europe that you will love.

The following are some of the best ski towns here where you can really get to grips with the thrilling sport of skiing. In any of them you will be virtually guaranteed a fabulous time and a lot of fun.


The world famous ski resort of Morzine is highly regarded for a number of very good reasons. Among these is the massive ski area next to it and its incredible après ski scene that it offers.

Experienced skiers love testing their skills here but there are also enough easy slopes to make it a gentle place to get started for the first time. If you are worried about how you will fare when you start skiing then there is no better place to get going.

The pretty town and the range of fun things to do here also add up to make Morzine a solid choice for your initial ski break. It is also one of the easiest French Alps resorts to get to, with an extremely short transfer time from Geneva Airport making it perfect for a short trip.

This has long been a magnet for winter sports fans and it is easy to see why. Morzine is probably the main resort in the massive Portes du Soleil ski area and if offers genuine thrills in an unforgettable setting.

La Plagne

This is another terrific ski town in France where your dreams of gliding down the snow can come true. If you are looking for the perfect resort to get started on a lavish ski trip then La Plagne has a lot going for it.

For a start, it is situated in a very pretty location that offers you easy access to a great variety of different nursery slopes. You will be able to take the kids here to learn too if you want, as it is a very family oriented town with lots for the little ones to do.

When you are away from the ski slopes you will be able to soak up the vibrant atmosphere in the resort’s many bars and restaurants. Those visitors who like to be as active as possible will love the fact that the long list of alternative activities here includes the likes of tobogganing, zip lining and paragliding.

The resort is made up of almost a dozen little ski villages, so you can try to find the perfect place to stay for your style and personality. It is the kind of ski resort that you will dream of coming back to year after year following your first trip.

Les Arcs

When you want to get started on skiing then the lovely resort at Les Arcs is another place to consider. This wonderful ski resort has everything that you could ask for from the place where you make your first efforts out on the piste.

It is made up of different resorts that are purpose built but still look great. Perhaps it is best known as a place where experienced skiers can try out some genuinely thrilling runs but there is more to it than that.

les arcs

Image CC James Martin

One of the best things about staying here on your first ever ski break is that is offers quiet and charming places to stay, where you can enjoy the relaxing side of skiing. If you want to learn how to ski in a convenient and attractive location then Les Arcs definitely has a lot going for it.

Compared to some of the other resorts in the region, the après ski scene here is a bit quieter and more reserved. This means that maybe you will be more interested in Les Arcs if you want a laid-back trip that focuses mainly on the skiing side of things.

Val d’Isere

There can be few better places in the world to ski for the first time then beautiful Val d’Isere. This classy resort gives you tons of slopes to choose from and an exciting time away from the snow as well.

It is especially popular with British skiers, who come here in great numbers every winter. This means that the vibrant nightlife often has a very British feel to it.

This is another French Alps resort that it is easy to get to and that covers an extensive area of pistes for newcomers and more experienced winter sports fans. It is the kind of winter destination that makes for an idyllic trip and gives you the chance to learn some fabulous new skills in style.

The historic, atmospheric feel to the town is also a real bonus for those visitors who like to feel some local culture when they travel. You will genuinely feel in a different world when you spend some time on a trip here.


Another famously good place to go on a skiing trip is the delightful resort at Tignes. This is a fantastic town where modern comforts are combined with magnificent slopes for you to try out at your leisure.

As with many of the resorts in this region, getting here and enjoying a comfortable break is a lot easier than it might initially appear. If you want to arrange an easy break away from the usual old routine at home then this is a refreshingly good destination to head to.

This is a good all-rounder of a resort that has something for everyone. In terms of newcomers to the sport, the gentle nursery slopes and the welcoming atmosphere make it incredibly easy to get settled in and feel right at home from day one.

Tignes shares a massive skiing area with Val d’Isere, which means that there is plenty to choose from. However, while Val d’Isere has a historic feel to it, Tignes is modern and purpose built with all of the convenience that this brings with it.


Peaceful and inviting Meribel is the sort of place where you won’t have a single care in the world. Even if you struggle to learn the basics and fall over a lot, the beauty and calmness of this resort will still leave you smiling broadly.

The skiing action here is brilliant, with a great location in the giant Three Valleys ski area making sure that you can choose from numerous pistes. There is an extensive ski lift system that makes it very easy to get around and try out different parts of the mountain without any hassle at all.


Image CC Matt Squirrell

Meribel is a resort with a good mixture of facilities, as you can eat and drink well here as well as do a nice bit of shopping too. There is a relaxed feel to the resort that makes it ideal for a gentle introduction to the pleasure of ski breaks.

As with the other best French Alps resorts, getting hold of a qualified instructor to give you lessons is easy.

When you want to get going on your first ever ski adventure then there are some wonderful options waiting for you to discover them in the French Alps.

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