The Very Best of the Garden Route, South Africa

By on July 6, 2015

The Garden Route provides a world of vivid colours, combined with exquisite wildlife and deep blue waters. Situated on the south-eastern coast of South Africa lies a stunning 200km stretch of land abundant in opportunities of exploration. The Garden Route makes its way through numerous towns including Mossel Bay, Plettenberg Bay and the central administrative town, George.

Due to its coastline location The Garden Route has an oceanic climate meaning the weather is warm during the summer and mild during the winter, with light showers throughout the year. This allows visitors to come and appreciate the beauty of The Garden Route all year round. However, it is crucial to bear in mind the area’s popularity peeks around Christmas and New Year, making this time particularly crowded.

Nature and Wildlife

A key attraction to The Garden Route is its scenic diversity throughout the area. Vivid, green mountainous areas surround the route giving a forest-like view. Calming waters in the form of lagoons and lakes frequently reappear throughout the stretch of land. From mountains to fine, sandy beaches to rocky coves the surrounding scenery is constantly changing.

The Garden Route is also known for its rare wildlife that inhabits the surrounding land. Over 300 species of bird live in various habitats along the route. Numerous bays along the route are home to marine life including seals, whales and dolphins. The endangered Southern Right Whale makes an appearance from the month of July until December.

Garden Route, South Africa

Tourist Attraction

The delicate beauty of The Garden Route has attracted visitors from all over the globe. Due to its increasing popularity various tourist opportunities are now spotted around the area allowing visitors to view the stunning scenery and have a day full of exciting activities. It’s for this reason that Car hire in South Africa is increasingly popular, in areas like this in particular.

Adventurous visitors may seek out the large variation of ‘extreme’ sport activities, including scuba diving and parachuting. The Garden Route goes through some fantastic surfing spots such as Buffalo Bay, Plettenberg Bay and Jeffrey’s Bay, all known for their surfing opportunities.

Those more intrigued in nature and wildlife can participate in a hiking trail or other eco-tourism opportunities in order to take full advantage of the beauty surrounding the Garden Route.

Dining and Accommodation

Those seeking a day of relaxation can wine and dine at the various high quality restaurants and bars that surround the route. If a quick-fix is needed in amongst the excitement simply nips in to one of the many fast food restaurants.

As a result of the increase in number of tourists accommodation in hotels and hostels has become more available for visitors. This allows individuals to enjoy the beauty of The Garden Route for longer than just one day!

Garden Route, South Africa


One of South Africa’s most appealing areas the Garden Route provides vivid, dream-like views that will leave any visitor in awe. With stunning scenery in addition to the abundance of fun activities boredom will never be an issue, it’s a fine example of the wonders of tourism in South Africa.

The most popular form of transportation around the route is by use of car, allowing individuals to stop and go at their own pace. However, if visitors do not have their own means of transportation it is simple to hire a car or alternatively there is a train line going through The Garden Route.

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