Things That Must be Known Before Visiting Sicily

By on September 21, 2016

People who are quite enthusiastic about travelling in Sicily must be acquainted with certain facts mentioned below:

  • Geographic Location: Sicily is based in the southern tip of Italy and is separated by the Messina Strait. It is situated at a distance of 160 km from the north eastern part of Tunisia. The region is famous for frequent volcanic activities with dense human population.
  • Ideal Time to visit: The favorable period to visit Sicily is from the month of May- June and during the September-October. These months are the perfect time to engage in activities like hiking and trailing.


  • How to reach: Once reaching Italy, you can hire reputed cruise ferries that will help you to land at the prominent port destinations of Sicily. You can also book flights that will straightaway help you to land in prominent airports of Sicily that include Palermo, Catania and Trapani. Passengers can hire flights like Alitalia, Ryanair and others to land at this Island.
  • Places of attractions: The notable tourist spots of this island include Mount Etna, archaeological site of Valle dei Templi, Cappella Palatina, Alcantara River and many more.
  • Accommodations: Tourists have the chance to book luxurious vacation homes, villas and other residential establishments with the help of tour operators. The most well-known villas and vacation homes are Villa Olivieri, Casa Poma, Residence Lumia and many more.
  • Activities: Once reaching Sicily, you have the chance to explore different archaeological sites or to explore the rocky terrain of Mount Etna through hiking or trailing. You can involve in thrilling aquatic adventure like scuba diving, snorkelling and so on. In the evening you can have a nice walk along the beaches.

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