Travel to South Africa and view the wonders of Table Mountain

By on February 12, 2015

The table mountain is a mountain with a flat top that forms a very prominent landmark that overlooks the South African city of Cape Town. The mountain is present in Flag of Cape Town along with other local insignia of the local government. It is one of the most significant tourist spots in the area and several visitors use the cableway or simply hike to the peak. The mountain is a part of the National Park of Table Mountain.

wonders of Table Mountain


The Features Of The Table Mountain

  • The Table Mountain can be seen from the Lion’s Head.
  • One of the main features of this mountain is that the level plateau will stretch for about three kilometers from all sides with impressive cliffs on the edges.
  • The Devil’s Peak flanks the plateau in the east while the Lion’s Head lies in the west.
  • A natural amphitheater for the Table Bay harbor and the City Bowl is formed by the high mountains along with the Signal Hill.
  • Table Mountain’s highest pony lies in the eastern part and the Maclear’s Beacon serves as a mark of it. It is a stone cairn that was built in the year of 1865 for a survey regarding trigonometry by Sir Thomas Maclear.
  • The point is about 3563 ft above the level of the sea and it is 62 ft more high than the cable station that is located in the western part of this plateau.
  • The main plateau has its cliffs separated by the Platteklip Gorge or the Flat Stone Gorge which is a direct and easy ascent to the peak and this was the route that has been taken on the first ascent if Antonio de Saldanha in the year of 1503.

The mountain has a flat top and it remains covered by the orographic clouds that are formed when the winds of the south east are directed to the slopes of the mountain in the cold air where the condensation of moisture takes place forming the “table cloth”. Therefore, if you are looking for some great landscape and surreal natural phenomenon you must travel to South Africa and view the wonders of Table Mountain.

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