What Can Be Exciting If You Plan To Go To Amsterdam On A Holiday?

By on December 28, 2015

We all like to holiday. Holidays are always so much fun. You generally choose such a place for a holiday which has lots of things to do. Amsterdam is one such destination which is something to offer to every kind of traveler. From the beautiful villas to the lively parks with dash of bright colors, the place draws all due to its liveliness and exuberance. The nightlife of Amsterdam is extremely captivating. There are small but striking festivals which take place all though the year in Amsterdam.

Mentioned below is list of different things which a tourist can do in Amsterdam:

Go for the Canal Tours

There are so many lovely canals in Amsterdam. In 2010, all one hundred and sixty five canals in Amsterdam were recognized as UNESCO monuments. The boat tours in the city will take the tourist along the Canal Belt as well as Center. You can go in for open boats, dinner cruise tours, private boats and special-themed tours as per your desire.

Get glimpses of Memories of the World War II

If you a history buff then you must surely visit Anne Frank House. This memorial of World War II is now been converted into a museum. This museum is regarded as one of the best in whole of Netherlands. Some other well known museums in Amsterdam are the Jewish Historical Museum, Dutch National Museum etc.

Plan To Go To Amsterdam On A Holiday

Bask in the splendor of the Tulip Season

If flowers attract you with their beauty then you must go to Keukenhof in Lisse. This lovely bulb-flower park is one of the most sought after places in the city. During the tulip season one can see big rows of multi hued flowers in this park. A wide variety of tulips can be seen in the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. This museum lays emphasis on their history as well as cultural significance.

Explore the city on fun bicycle rides

For the fell of how people live in Amsterdam, explore this city by hiring a bicycle. During the peak hours, bicycle lanes of Amsterdam are filled with bikers. Everyone in Amsterdam loved to ride a bike. From students, to parents to office-goers, you can see everyone on bicycles. It is fun to hire a bike and then purchase a map which is designed specially to guide the bikers, and then ride all through the city.

Try out the delectable Dutch Cuisine

If you are foodie then you will definitely love trying out the Dutch cuisine. The city has some very nice restaurants which serve conventional Dutch cuisine. A lot of dishes in Dutch cuisine are comfort foods. Few of the local favorites are pancakes, stamppot boerenkool, Gouda cheese, erwtensoep and French fries. If you want to go in for exotic dishes, try out restaurants which serve Indonesian and Suriname food.

Go on a shopping spree at Designer Stores as well as Flea Markets

Amsterdam has a fascinating mix of few of the finest fashion as well as retail stores, and flea markets. One can go shopping for Gucci, Versace and Prada products in the city. For those looking for elite hi end shopping experience the Nine Streets’ exclusive boutiques are the best choice. Besides high end shopping the flea markets of Amsterdam offer a lot of interesting things which have been an important element of Amsterdam’s history.

So next if you wish to holiday in Europe, you must visit Amsterdam for its huge array of activities stored in for the traveler.

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