Where To Stay In Geneva – Luxury Edition

By on September 30, 2015

Geneva is the capital city of Switzerland and it is blessed with some kinds of accommodations both cheap and expensive ones. No matter your financial and social status, you will get where to stay in Geneva. There will always be a befitting accommodation for you. But this article focuses on the expensive and highly luxurious ones. Although Geneva offers so many expensive hotels, their bills are usually commensurate with the state-of-the-art facilities installed in them.

A very good hotel with wonderful features is Hotel Warwick Geneva. This great hotel is located opposite Main Train Station. The location of this hotel is also one of its great features because it is less than half a kilometer to Lake Geneva, a major tourist center. And it is also about 7 minutes ride to and from Geneva International Airport. That is if you go by train.

It offers free wireless access in every part of the hotel irrespective of your device whether it is a phone, tablet or even a laptop. This offer is not peculiar to only this hotel, it seems to be the standard in Geneva as most other hotels offer free wireless access too. Apart from that, all their rooms are air-conditioned and they have bathrooms with marble floor and walls. Not only that, all their rooms have coffee and tea making equipment, a safety deposit box and a pay TV. Isn’t that home away from home?

Where To Stay In Geneva

This hotel has modern restaurant that offers several international dishes as they receive guests from different parts of the world. The variety of their dishes allows guests to choose between a buffet and a continental dish. A world class departmental store that opens seven days a week is just about 7 minutes walk away from the hotel.

In addition to all the fantastic facilities you will enjoy in this hotel, there is also a state-of-the-art fitness center that is even closer than the departmental store. It is open to both locals and guests. Finally, upon your arrival to the hotel, you will receive a complimentary transportation card which would be valid throughout your stay.

The town where this great hotel is located is called Paquis. Visitors love Paquis and all the communities in its environs because of their being very receptive to visitors. Another reasons visitors love this town is its numerous tourist attraction centers like Lake Geneva and Geneva International Airport to mention a few.

Although there are several great hotels in Geneva, the main attractive features of Hotel Warwick discussed above are offered by almost all the luxury hotels in Geneva with little differences in location. So, when visiting Geneva, you will enjoy all these features irrespective of the hotel you choose to lodge in. The features have become some sort of standards for luxury hotels in Geneva.

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