Your tick list for holiday success

By on June 4, 2015

There is so much to remember before you go away on holiday that it’s easy to let something slip through the net. In some cases this is just something small, and in that case you can easily rectify the situation, usually by buying whatever it is you forgot at the airport or in resort, but in some cases it can be something major, and it’s important to get all the big things sorted out and ticked off your list before you go.

If you’re worried about forgetting something important, tick these items off your pre-holiday check list and you’ll be more than good to go.

Passports and visas

We often forget about our passport validity date because it’s such a long time in the future; well, that time has a nasty habit of creeping up on you out of nowhere, so make sure you check it well ahead of time. Most destinations now require at least six months left on your passport after the date you return, so check this and renew early if you need to. You also need to check whether you need a visa for your destination; in some cases you won’t, and in some cases you will, but do it sooner rather than later.

pre-holiday check list

Complete your travel plans

It’s easy to forget a piece of the jigsaw in your travel puzzle, and in that case you’re going nowhere! Many people don’t give much consideration to how they’re going to get to the airport until the last minute. Don’t delay this, because you might forget! I always book airport parking at the same time I book my flight, because that way I know it’s done and I usually get a better price too. I recently booked Leeds Bradford Airport parking for a fantastic price, and I know I have ticked an important item off my list.


Don’t forget to insure your travel plans! Make sure you do this early too, because this is one important step you don’t want to be forgetting. Declare any pre-existing medical conditions and make sure you get the best type of cover for your particular trip. Shopping online will give you the best options and prices available.

Double check your travel documentation

Check spellings of names and check departure times, as these sometimes change, and you don’t want to be missing your flight! Print out all your confirmations and put them in your hand luggage, ready for your travel day.


Change a little money into the currency you’re going to need in resort, just enough to last you a few days, and then change the rest once you get there. You will usually get a better exchange rate once you’re in resort, and this way you have a little cash on you until you find your feet. If you’re planning to use your debit or credit card whilst you’re away, make sure you tell your bank or credit card company also.

These are the most important steps to ensure holiday success; the rest is up to you!

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