Alternative Venues to Visit This Summer

By on May 28, 2015

It’s summer time and everybody’s flocking to beaches to enjoy the sun, the sand and the waves. It is very common that beaches are the venues for summer outings and vacations. But have you considered visiting other places other than the beach this summer? Sometimes, we are just accustomed to things we don’t consider trying out other alternatives; thus we miss a lot. To give you more ideas for alternative venues worth visiting this summer, continue reading.

1. Water parks

Water parks

If you want a place perfect for the whole family, a waterpark is a good option. Kids will surely enjoy the amenities commonly present in waterparks such as pools, fountains and slides. What’s best with waterparks is that they are more secured and child-proof than beaches.

2. Museums

British Museum

Museums are good alternatives for beaches when you don’t plan to spend your summer under the heat of the sun. If you aim for historical knowledge you can visit museums and other exhibit houses for items that interest you. This can be perfect for group of friends or couples. There are also museums that can easily be appreciated by children which can accommodate family trips.

3. Inland resorts

Inland resorts

Inland resorts are also perfect for the summer. They have swimming pools which can make up for the sea. You don’t really have to miss swimming and the water. Inland resorts also have packages that can fit anyone’s budget and number of participants. They are also perfect for all ages.

4. Landmarks

Golden Gate Bridge

There are thousands of landmarks in a single country that one can explore. You can try them if you want to do something different this summer. Summer may not always mean bikinis and the sun.

5. Famous tourist destinations


Think of a famous tourist destination that you have not visited yet and would love to visit. Why not go there this summer instead of riding the bandwagon heading to the beach?

6. The countryside

What’s best with the countryside is it has unspoiled surroundings and you will have a closer connection to nature. It is a perfect set-up for the summer when you want to feel nature and to be away from the entire buzz.

7. Abroad

For those who have a bigger budget for the summer, you can visit other countries instead of just going to the beach. Experience other cultures and at the same time relax with families and friends.

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