Travel Ideas To Guide You Through Caribbean

By on October 17, 2013

For some, the land of Caribbean is what the paradise would have been, and for some the trip of a lifetime. While you plan a great adventurous tour through these Islands, we offer you a quick list of tips that will prove valuable on your journey and help you prepare better for the travel.

  1. For a budget accommodation, you may prefer the hostels over the hotels, which are drastically economical during off seasons. Another alternative can be bread and breakfast spread across the Islands, which offer a good opportunity to those who can bargain to their own terms.
  2. Use local transportation while in Caribbean. The buses are well connected and cost fairly cheap for a very long distance, against the $10 starting fair charged by a taxi for a short travel.

Travel Ideas To Guide You Through Caribbean

  1. During the summers, the overall charges for accommodation and the activities are hugely discounted. These price slashes are very often up to 30% or higher from April through December.
  2. You can save on the food to a large extent if you can avoid the meals on the cruises or crowded places. Dominican Republic meals are considered good and inexpensive.
  3. The water related activities are costly in general. If you plan to spend your days in a less budget, go for a lesser water sports or cruise trips. Instead, plan a tour around the town covering the architectural and heritage sites, which are very cheap.
  4.  There are a number of Islands which allow the camping beside the beach. While it a good idea having the night spent under open sky, it will also save you fortunes which will otherwise be spent in the hotels.
  5. The last minute booking on the Island cruises usually are laden with the discounted offers. Check in time while you reach one of those. These cruises are great in covering multiple Islands in a very less number of days.
  6. One sure to be carried item to Caribbean is the bugs repellent. The humid weather normally causes the bugs to enjoy the place as well. Bed bugs are the common problem even in the best of the Islands you may find.
  7. While on the Caribbean, do not forget to swim with the Dolphins, which is once in a lifetime opportunity. Honduras and Bahamas are the preferred places for this.
  8. The sailing enthusiasts must visit Antigua, which is one of the largest Islands in Caribbean. There are various sailing events on the beaches of this Island that has over 300 pink and white beaches.
  9. Most of the divers are excited about viewing the old shipwrecks and the coral reefs on various Islands. These diving adventures are usually costly. One way to save the money is by getting your own snorkelling gear that gives a chance to enjoy the underwater sights for no cost at all!!
  10. The wine lovers are recommended to visit the Mount Gay Rum distillery at Barbados. The tour is extremely cheap and the discounts are amazing for the products you buy here.

So, enjoy your trip to this wonderful paradise of Caribbean, while we continue to offer you the tips that can guide you all along!!

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