The Best Travel Spots For 2014

By on November 29, 2013

The New Year is nearing and the vacation plans are on to the peak. Have you chosen your travel destinations yet?? If not, here is the pick for the top 10 destinations for travel in 2014, including the exciting and unique cities across the world.

Solomon Islands:

Solomon Islands

It used to be called South Pacific some time back, and would scare off the travelers due to the unhygienic conditions, unorganized state of the city and the limited internal transport. Today, not only the name changed, the entire place had a makeover to include the best scuba diving, the luxurious eco resorts and the village home stays. If you believe in difference, this is probably the place for you to experience.


Earth Bleeds Water (Geothermal Energy in Iceland)

This country makes it into the list every year, no matter what. The Icelanders continue to be welcoming and the country continues to be enchanting enough to attract the tourists worldwide in 2014. With the prices on a climb, it is better to plan the trip sooner than later.



This very friendly part of United Kingdom is well known for its landscape and the roadside celebrations. The main square is lively and filled with the various voluntary Organizations performing extraordinarily. This is indeed the place where you will redefine ‘enjoyment’.



The vast red and rocky landscape in Kimberley will be an astonishing place to be in. Beat the crowds and relax for a while with the crude deposition along the coasts. It will be a different aspect of the luxurious time spent with nature.



Bordered by the Sea of Japan and Japan Alps, this city is very special in its preservance of history and culture. There are plans for the city wide architectural refurbishments due to commence in 2015. So plan a trip while you can beforehand for the true glimpse of authentic Japan.



It is the graceful part of Spanish Mediterranean which is on a constant change in order to attract tourism that is already rapid and huge on this beautiful Island. There are some well liked art galleries and famous restaurants to indulge the visitors in the delicacies and rare forms of art.



Find yourself surrounded by the cowboys in their straw hats, with the traditional music playing in the background. You may even be lucky to find a few hunters carrying the deer skin on the shoulders. This is Texas in USA, with its blend of primitive and advanced in equal degrees.

Victoria Falls:

Victoria Falls

This must be your main plea to visit Zimbabwe. These falls are not what you see ordinarily. With the General Assembly of United Nations to be hosted by Zimbabwe and Zambia, there is a multibillion dollar project to make over the Victoria Falls splendidly.



With the famous Tour de France starting from Leeds, this ever welcoming region with a vast landscape is going through abundant improvisations.



Feel the wilderness of giant Himalayan range through this Indian state, which is also a very prime eco-friendly region.  With a new airport to start the operations in 2014, Sikkim will have direct flights to and fro to the other Indian metros as well.

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