3 Ways Agents De-Stress Your Travel

By on October 22, 2015

Travel can be a great way to relax, but travel also comes with its own kinds of stress. Think about the last time you went somewhere. Were you tired when you got back? Exhausted? Feel like you needed a vacation to recover from your vacation to Morocco? That was the end result of the stress of travel. Some of the stresses can’t be avoided, but here are five ways a travel agent can help you to de-stress your future travel.

Activity Selection

Activity selection can induce stress in travelers in two ways. Some travelers take a hands-off approach to activity selection, assuming that they’ll just figure it out when they get to their destination. Once they get there, though, they spend half their time trying to decide what to do and wind up feeling like they wasted their trip. The other stress-inducing approach is to schedule every minute of every day. This approach crams the activities in, but often leaves travelers feeling like they didn’t take time to enjoy their trip. A travel agent can help you strike a balance between too few activities and too many with recommendations or even constructing an activity schedule for you.

Ways Agents De-Stress Your Travel

Sane Travel Planning

When you’re committed to travel and doing it on a budget, your first impulse can be to take the absolute lowest price you can find. Low prices often come with the pitfall making you change planes repeatedly or forcing you into layovers that are too short to do any sightseeing, but too long to let you safely take a nap. In addition to being stuck in airports with nothing to do, multiple plane changes can put a serious drain on your energy, leaving you tired and groggy before you ever reach your destination. A travel agent will help you decide which tradeoffs are worth taking a hit on price and which aren’t worth it.


One of the best ways to reduce stress in your travel is through upgrades that make your trip more comfortable. Travel agents can do a lot for you in these terms. They can often get you bumped up into a better seat, secure a complimentary meal or at least a drink to take the edge off, and even get the hotel to leave a bottle of champagne for you in your room. These little things can make the difference between a barely tolerable travel experience and one you don’t mind telling people about.

There are some stresses that go with travel that you can’t avoid, like the kid that insists on yelling for the whole flight, or that person in the next seat that insists on telling you their life story. Some of the stresses can be avoided by using a travel agent to help you choose the right number of activities, the right flight options and getting you a few upgrades.

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