9 Great Tips for Women Traveling Alone to India

By on April 21, 2015

India, though, a well known paradise that welcomes guests with open arms , is not a safe destination as far as single women travelers are concerned. My heart simply bleeds to mention this fact but I thought it better to share my views, rather tips to ensure that women have a blast of a time when on a wanderlust in India. Here they are:

1. Respect the local values and cultures

It is one of the most common mistakes that foreign women commit when on a trip in India and that mistake raises security and safety concerns for most who do not respect the traditional values and ethics that Indians are particular about. For example: I have seen many foreigners wearing see through dresses and costumes that are totally not tolerable to Indians, specially the men folk. There was one instance where a Russian lady was found raped and tortured simply because she was a ‘free spirited ‘ gal and gave away wrong signals. I may sound too prudish but this is the truth.

2. Never ever board an empty bus

The recent and horrific rape and murder of Nirbhaya, the brave heart in the capital reminds you that India is not safe for any woman, especially if she is roaming the width and length of the country alone. One simple tip: never hop on to a bus that has no passengers in it. An empty bus is like a snake waiting to grab its first victim. However, this is a general tip and one should not get scared of traveling alone.

3. Always take the window seats

Eve teasing is very rampant in India and hence, women should refrain from sitting on the aisle seats since doing this will protect you from getting poked or groped by men.

4. Never give money to beggars

Beggary is a common menace in India and most foreigners, especially female travelers get duped big time by the street urchins and beggars.
Great Tips for Women Traveling Alone to India
5. Remain a little aloof and don’t make friends easily

While, ‘atithi devobhaya’ is the tag line used for advertising Indian tourism, yet, in most states, people do not think highly of single women who befriend others easily. If alone or traveling with another woman traveler, it is suggested to restrict yourselves and do not socialize with locals.

6. Ignore hawkers

While roaming the Indian streets and shopping markets, it is advised to ignore the petty hawkers.

7. Wear appropriate clothes when visiting religious places

Religious places hold a special place in an Indian’s heart and no one wants to disturb a spiritual gathering by making a bold entry that shows cleavage and inner garments.

8. Greet and meet people

Indians are known to be hospitable hosts and love to greet tourists. When meeting new people, especially elders, make sure to say ‘Namaste’ as this will project you in good light.

9. Avoid smoking and cuddling in public

In India, people do not like to watch women smoke or drink, especially in middle class localities and hence this should be avoided at all costs!

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