Air Journey without Dehydration

By on December 17, 2014

You can enjoy your airline journey if you feel good in the airplane. For that you have to take proper precaution, to make your trip go smoothly as you expect. But if you don’t stay hydrated your trip is going to be spoiled.

It is not good for health to get dehydrated. This discomfort during travel can affect your health like having headaches, airsickness. Even if the air filtration techniques filter out germs and bacteria, it decreases the humidity of the air and make it dry. Running through the airport and getting around adds more stress and it increases the dehydration fast.

By following few tips you can stay properly hydrated on the plane but drinking a lots of water could not be a greatest option at all times.

Air Journey without Dehydration

It’s necessary to have a lot of water before getting on the plane but be sure that you go to toilet before boarding because once the plane takes off you can not get out of your seat through taxi and for initial 10 to 15 min once take off. You can keep drinking water a cup per 2 hr when flying. But drinking only water should be avoided.

Because you need some natural vitamins Orange juice could be a good choice.

Orange juice is a great choice because of its natural vitamin content. Through the initial beverage service, you can ask for 2 drinks as that is allowed. Order a cup of juice and a cup of water.

You should avoid some drinks like coffee to stay hydrated but tea could be a better choice. Typically sweet, sugary soft drinks should be avoided but exceptionally. It’s recommended to drink a cup of 7-up or Ginger Ale if you feel uneasy. In this situation water may be aggravated and make you feel ill.

When you start feeling sick, continue with carbonated beverages. This is the greatest choice as it helps maintain the contents of your belly down. Queasiness leads abruptly to dehydration and can yield you feel bad in the long journey.

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