Going to the Euro 2016 Tournament? Here are Some Tips

By on December 11, 2015

Europe is extremely popular as a destination for football, with a wide variety of tournaments happening throughout the year at different levels of competition. In the upcoming summer season, three countries are going to host the Euro 2016, with all of them also having their own participating teams. In this connection, the Foreign and Commonwealth office has started a campaign which aims to guide football lovers with useful advice.

Supporters of the teams are expected to visit France in huge numbers in order to encourage their teams and have fun in the electric atmosphere. Accordingly, the FCO suggests to plan well in advance in order to stay on the safe side and have a worry-free experience of enjoying the matches. They have worked with French consulates and have released a downloadable guide which can be kept as a handy companion by travelers. Fans also have the option of signing up to get the latest travel alerts and advice about the countries that they are visiting.

Euro 2016 Tournament

For instance, the following is a sampling of the tips that have been targeted at helping visiting fans:

  • Always buy tickets from reputable sources. For instance, in France it is illegal to attract buyer’s for tickets right outside stadiums.
  • Make sure that you are in possession of an EHIC that is active and also make sure that you are aware about its coverage.
  • Get yourself insured for travel and make sure that it covers everything that you want to do in a comprehensive manner.
  • Be aware of the local laws. There are differences between the rules followed in the UK and those followed in France, so do your homework accordingly.
  • Behave in a responsible manner. Supporters who appear to be too drunk may be barred from entering stadiums.
  • Given the staggering footfall, it is highly likely that fans will come across long queues for boarding public transport and getting inside stadiums and fanzones. So avoid the last minute rush. Co-operate with the local authorities.

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