Money Safety Tips for Travelers

By on July 13, 2014

Wherever you go in this world, you should make your money stay safe in your wallet as anytime anyone can take them from your pocket. The following are some of the common tips that every traveler must follow to keep their money stay safe in their wallet.

Never carry all your valuables in your bag. Split them up and make sure your companion has a credit card and some cash with them. This type of arrangements can be a backup and you can make use of it whenever you are facing any emergency situation. You can also carry some dummy credit cards in your wallet, so that the thieves cannot use them.


The local currency that which you have exchanged to use in your travel can be kept in a separate purse or you can even make use of your pant pockets. This way of splitting up the local money with your own currency can make you to access them easily and the public will never know the original amount that you are carrying in your wallet.

Money Safety Tips for Travelers

If you are making use of an ATM to withdraw money, then you should follow the below mentioned tips to safeguard your money.

  • Before entering the PIN number in any ATM, make sure no one stands behind you. This is because anyone can make use of your PIN number if they have witnessed them.
  • Always make sure to collect the cash from the ATM machine as soon as it comes out of it. Be ready to collect them and put them in your wallet or in any place.
  • Do not count the cash by standing inside the ATM
  • Never let anyone to come inside the ATM while withdrawing money from it

Saving your own money is your duty and you can do them by following all these tips.

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