Natural Beauty Is Fragile in Fethiye’s Valley Attraction

By on December 4, 2015

The South West Coast of Turkey is stunning. Its crystal blue seas attract a host of tourists each year and with the impressive mountains behind the coastal strip the setting is magnificent. Nature has been kind to this part of Turkey which despite its many months of warm to hot weather, has plenty of water; it extremely green. The mountains are a major reason for the plentiful water. One such mountain near Fethiye, Babadag at almost 2,000 metres looks down on a beautiful valley which has become famous in the summer months for a most fragile inhabitant; butterflies.

The Setting

The Valley could better be described as a canyon almost 4kms long with steep sides approaching 400m high. It is a place that visitors can enjoy at any time of the year though winter temperatures are cool and rain distinctly possible.

There is a well-trodden trail which takes visitors to two waterfalls dropping 60m at their highest. The creek, formed by a spring, takes the water down the length of the Valley and out to the sea. Those walking the famous Lycian Way can look down into Butterfly Valley Fethiye from the road above. It has to be said that the easiest way to reach the Valley is by boat because the road is not suitable for every vehicle.

Butterfly Valley Fethiye

Flora and Fauna

The Valley itself has got its name from the butterfly; there are over 100 species, not to mention the fact that the place is a botanist’s dream with almost 150 flora species from around 50 different families.

Visitors during the height of summer can expect to see many butterflies most notably the Jersey Tiger with its beautiful variety of colours.Euplagia quadripunctaria is in fact a moth but anyone thinking that moths are fairly plain will soon find they are wrong if the walk through this Valley in the summer weeks.

Butterfly Valley Fethiye

Caterpillars feed from autumn on everything from nettles to dandelions and lettuce. Through the winter, they survive as a small larvae. When they emerge in the warmer weather they have a wingspan of up to 65 millimetres.

The flowers are at their best in the spring with a wide range of species and colour which tends to disappear during the hottest months of the year. Wild boar are fairly common throughout the Region but rarely seen anywhere in daytime, hiding in the pine forests that are so common.

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Everyone is keen to retain the natural beauty of the Valley but that does not mean that eco-tourists are not welcome to camp and walk, to go canyoning or canoeing. At the height of summer up to 200 visitors may be camping in the Valley. Those wanting to camp in mid-winter can do so; the public have access all year round though the butterflies will not be around once the weather cools down. Those wanting extend details of what is available and what is permissible should visit their website.


No one wants to see construction in such a natural place so the only structures that are permitted are purely temporary. There are wooden bungalows with electricity from a generator and shared sanitary facilities. Those wanting food and drink will find a bar open during the summer.

The relative inaccessibility of the Valley by road is clearly an advantage to the extent that it almost protects itself.

Fethiye is an area that has so much to offer, on land and sea. Sailors can visit coves that are quiet even in the height of summer. The sea is guaranteed to be warm and a suntan takes no effort at all. There are plenty of good restaurants while visit to the fish market to select your fish before taking it to one of the surrounding restaurants to have it cooked just as you want it is a delightful experience.

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It would be wrong however to ignore the areas immediately inland known for their pine forests, olive groves and the fertile soils that ensure such excellent fruit and vegetables in the regular markets. There is also beautiful Butterfly Valley with colourful butterflies almost dancing in front of your eyes. Even if your time is limited you should make a real effort to visit it.

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