Packing and Preparation Tips for a Las Vegas Holiday

By on April 14, 2015

For many people, Las Vegas is a dream travel destination they aspire to visit someday. Statistics from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reveal that the city hosted 41,126,512 tourists in 2014. Vegas might not be a contender for the top visited city in the world, but a getaway in Sin City is something that nearly everyone is tempted to go on at some point in their lives.

Las Vegas
To make the most out of your Vegas vacation, here are a few packing and preparation tips to consider before you leave for the bright lights:

Set aside some money for gambling

No Vegas trip is complete without spending time at a casino. Though staple casino games such as slots and roulette can now be played online thanks to creation of the first web-based casino portal Intercasino in 1996, that does not even begin to compare with the thrills of betting in a casino on the strip. Be prepared to spend a bit of cash, and remember to stick to that budget so you’re not broke by the end of your trip.

Bring clothes for all occasions

Most casinos in Las Vegas don’t have strict dress codes. During the day, casual clothes are widely accepted, and at night, it’s slightly more formal, as patrons are expected to at least wear smart/casual clothing. Nightclubs and even some restaurants in the Bellagio and the MGM Grand, according to Las Vegas Direct, only let people in if they’re at least in “business casual” attire. If you plan on catching a show, no dress code is enforced, however attendees of evening shows are expected to wear something slightly formal. A general rule for what to wear in Vegas is for you to be comfortable during the day, but dress up for at nighttime.

Pack your most comfortable shoes

You’ll be doing lots of walking in and out of casinos and landmarks along the way, as well as walking up and down the strip, so it’s important that you bring comfy shoes. Whether that means bringing flip flops, sneakers, or your best walking shoes, depends entirely on what will ward off any blisters or discomfort in general.

Don’t forget sun protection

Vegas is in the middle of a desert, so the climate can be quite extreme with the city being blazing hot in the day and pretty chilly at night. A contributor on VirtualTourist reminds visitors that they should pack all the typical items you’d need against harmful UV rays, including sunglasses, sunblock, and hats.

Obviously there are other basics to pack, including toiletries and chargers for your gadgets, but as long as you pack the items above, you’re set for an unforgettable trip.

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