Things to Watch Out For In India

By on November 17, 2014

There are several opinions about India and many travelers struggle to get used to pace and flow of life in the country. Traveling in India is an experience which is quite different from anywhere else. Since it is such a large country, each place has a different culture and feel.

The people are also quite different across the country. For example, people from the northern parts are often quite aggressive and this is often off putting for foreigners. Whereas, down south the pace of life much gentler and the people are laid back and relaxed as well.

While it is true that some locals try to take advantage of foreigners by overcharging them, it is not always the case. As long as you drive a hard bargain and put your foot down, you will get your way. The general rule of thumb is that they probably charge you twice as much as they should.

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Use this as a base principle and bargain accordingly. Food is often not a problem in India and clean food is available in most restaurants. However, what you need to watch out for is water. Never drink anything that doesn’t come out of a bottle and always ensure that they open it in front of you. Your constitution is probably not used to the salty tap water which is available in most parts of the country.

If you know anyone in the places you are travelling to then always get some firsthand knowledge. I would suggest that you avoid all the touristy places which charge foreigners quite a bit of money and visit the lesser known ones. India has plenty to offer in terms of topography and make sure you cover every place from Goa to Kulu Manali.

Kerala is another state down south which you have to visit. India is filled with hill stations and if you are traveling during the summer, they are an ideal way to beat the heat. You will surely find affordable places around the country as long as you search properly.

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